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Where is the Justice Department?

Legalize Drugs
Famous comedian Penn Jillette, part of the comedy team Penn & Teller debate the legalization of marijuana. “In his audio book, President Obama admits to using drugs,” began Hannity, “What the President was doing was bragging about this on national TV.” “At the same time he’s condoning people with the exact profile are in jail,” explained Jillette, “I’ve had people writing to me telling me that their children are doing five years in prison while he’s laughing about having done reefer.” Penn made headlines this week with his criticisms of President Obama’s history with drug use and his lack of leadership on the issue of legalizing drug use in the United States. Click here for more on that story. For more on Sean’s take on President Obama’s autobiography, “Dreams From My Father”, watch his special here.

Where Is The Justice Department?
Dr. Anthea Butler, CL Bryant and Reverend Charles C. Adams joined Hannity to discuss their thoughts on the future of the Black Panther party. “I don’t understand how this group can be talking about how we ought to be thankful that ‘we’re not running around hanging crackers in nooses’,” began Hannity, “Where is the Holder justice department in all of this?” “Black people are running away in droves from this administration,” offered Bryant, “Their lack of attention will be an issue.” “This is too small an organization for the justice department to play around with,” countered Butler, “I think this is a small group craving media attention, they’re doing this for publicity and you’re giving them a lot of it.” “I agree that we’re giving them much more publicity than they deserve,” offered Adams, “They have a right to peacefully assemble and they h ave a right to speak but they don’t represent black people, they have no legitimacy in the community.” “I’m not talking race here,” clarified Hannity, “I’m talking about a group of people who are threatening people outside a polling place and where is the justice department?”

Defending Education
Sean was joined by Hunter Rogers and his father Tim to discuss his involvement in the controversial battle he had with his school teacher about President Obama. The debate with his teacher revolved around threats from the liberal teacher who told Hunter Rogers that he could be arrested for criticizing President Obama. “This was a pretty well informed argument,” began Hannity,” I was most stunned by her saying it would be illegal to speak out against President Obama, that was remarkable.” “Yeah she was pretty much telling me I didn’t have a right to free speech,” answered Rogers. Sean has taken the bold move to dedicate much of this week’s show coverage to this story that has slid largely under the radar. To read more of Sean’s coverage, click here.