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Known and Unknown

Obama's Pot Use Gets The Cartoon Treatment
Sean kicked off Wednesday's show by mentioning an article appearing on the which gives details about a new Taiwanese cartoon depicting Obama's early pot smoking years. The animated cartoon, created by a company called Next Media Animation, has used an unpublished biography of the President's younger years as the basis of their latest cartoon salacious re-enactment. According to the DailyMail the 2-minute animated clip takes inspiration from Mr. Maraniss' research about Obama when he was a teenager in 1970s Hawaii. Playing on the acronym for the President's nickname, the clip is titled 'Obama and marijuana: POT-us dope-smoking daze revealed'. It is not the first time the spotlight has fallen on his teenage use of marijuana. In his 1995 autobiography, Dreams from My Father, the president made the admission himself. To learn more about this story, and to watch the animated cartoon of Obama's pot smoking years, please click here.

Known And Unknown
Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld joined the program to discuss the paperback release of his memoir, “Known and Unknown.” Rumsfeld's book is based not only on his memory but also on hundreds of previously unreleased documents from throughout his career. It also features his blunt firsthand opinions about some of the world’s best-known figures, from Margaret Thatcher to Elvis Presley, from Henry Kissinger to Colin Powell, and about each American president from Dwight D. Eisenhower to George W. Bush. Additionally, Donald Rumsfeld is donating his proceeds from the sales of Known and Unknown to the military charities supported by the Rumsfeld Foundation. Sean highly recommends “Known and Unknown” and has chosen it for this month's selection for the Hannity Book Club. For more information on Known and Unknown, please click here.

Romney Supporters Gear Up For General Election Battle
The battle is over after nearly 14 months of campaigning. Mitt Romney has clinched the Republican presidential nomination by winning the Texas primary. Romney has now reached the 1,144 delegate threshold that is needed to officially win the nomination. Last night's victory signals the end of the GOP primary fight, which means that we can now look directly ahead to the November general election. Sean was joined by Texas Governor, and Romney surrogate, Rick Perry who discussed the long GOP nominating process. “It was a great contest. It was a great contest. It was the type of competition that you want to see where ideas were put out there and some of the ideas that we laid out are still being talk about, whether it deals with the war on religion, whether it deals with the budget that we laid out. All of those were great ideas. And I think our nominee, Governor Romney, is a stronger candidate now because of going through that process. And I can promise you -- well, let me speak for myself. And I think the bulk of our contestants will be helping Mitt every inch of the way. I can promise you I will be,” said the Texas Governor. To watch Sean's entire discussion with Rick Perry please click here.

Show Guests

Rudy Giuliani

Rudolph William Louis "Rudy" Giuliani (pronounced /ˈruːdi ˌdʒuːliːˈɑːni/ ; [1] born May 28, 1944) is an American lawyer , businessman and politician from New York . He served as Mayor of New York City from 1994 to 2001. A Democrat and Independent in the 1970s, and a Republican since the 1980s, Giuliani served in the United States Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York , eventually becoming U.S. Attorney . He prosecuted a number of high-profile cases, including ones against organized crime and Wall Street financiers . Giuliani served two terms as Mayor of New York City, having run on the Republican and Liberal lines. He was credited with initiating improvements in the city's quality of life and with a reduction in crime. He ran for the United States Senate in 2000 but withdrew due to being diagnosed with prostate cancer and revelations about his personal life. Giuliani gained international... More >

Donald Rumsfeld

Donald Henry Rumsfeld (born July 9, 1932) is an American politician and businessman who served as the 13th Secretary of Defense under President Gerald Ford from 1975 to 1977 and as the 21st Secretary of Defense under President George W. Bush from 2001 to 2006. Combined, he was the second longest serving defense secretary behind Robert McNamara and the first to serve two non-consecutive terms. Rumsfeld was White House Chief of Staff during part of the Ford Administration and also served in various positions in the Nixon Administration. He was elected to four terms in the United States House of Representatives, and served as the United States Permanent Representative to NATO. He was president of G. D. Searle & Company from 1977–1985, CEO of General Instrument from 1990–1993, and chairman of Gilead Sciences from 1997-2001. Rumsfeld is best known for his aggressive leadership of the Department of Defense after the 9-11 attacks in 2001, and for his close supervision of... More >