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Is The U.S. Seen As Weak By The World?

Pakistani Doctor Jailed – Sean Furious
A Pakistani doctor who helped the CIA to verify bin laden was in Pakistan at the compound prior to the Navy SEAL raid was recently sentenced to 30 years in prison by the Pakistani government. Sean believes this shows the Obama administration is incapable of helping those, whether it be informants or countries, that are allies to the United States. The Pakistani government arrested and charged the doctor for having provided medical assistance to a radical group, but that seems to be a cover-up in order to simply punish the man for helping the United States and the CIA. The Pakistani doctors' family has cried out for the United States to come to his brothers defense, but their requests have fallen on deaf ears. The Obama administration has remained silent on the issue. Sean was aggravated that the United States is a country that led the way to defeat Nazism, Communism, and now the war on terror but Liberals don’t see it as having defeated evil, "they see the United States as aggressors" and when we won't even provide safety and security for a man who was an integral part in the death of the world's most notorious terrorist, "why would anyone ever help us again?" Sean asked. If the world begins to see America as weak there will be no reason not to defy us nor to stand with us as our ally.

Rumsfeld Warns Of US Being Seen As Weak By The World
Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, joined Sean on 'Hannity' last night to discuss what he feared the most about the future of the United States. “One of the things that race through your mind, of course, are things like Iran having a nuclear weapon, North Korea's behavior, the terrorist networks that exist in the world, cyber attacks. But the thing that worries me the most is not any one of those things specifically. It is the risk, the danger that the United States will increasingly be seen as weak,” Rumsfeld explained. “The reality is, we are modeling America on Europe and that's a failed model. And when the world senses that the United States of America will not be the ribcage, this nation that contributes to peace and stability in the world, then you are going to see people doing things they otherwise wouldn't think of doing. And if we go ahead and have the sequestering of the budget and end up with another 400, $500 billion of cuts in the defense budget, totaling something in the neighborhood of $1 trillion over the next decade, we will find that we will not only be seen as weak economically, we will be seen as weak militarily. And weakness is provocative,” said Rumsfeld. To watch Sean's interview with the former Secretary of Defense, please click here.

Pivotal Day For Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker
Governor Walker joined Sean in the show's final half-hour to talk about the amazing push back from unions he has encountered in his state. Walker faces a recall vote on Tuesday in which voters will decide whether his policies in the centrist state should continue. The election could mark a pivot point for unions and organized labor. Walker is up 7 points today and plans on continuing his position in office and working towards his immediate goal of getting people back to work. Additionally, he wants to keep the people of his state working, and believes that his work to take the power out of the unions hands is the way to do that. Property taxes are down 12% and Walker has created 30,000 new jobs while he has been in office. Walker discussed with Sean the importance of small business expansion, and the ability for businesses and schools to hire and fire based up on credibility and merit - as opposed to allowing people to hold on to jobs due to their position or tenure. Giving the power back to the schools and the teachers will allow them to serve the children best. Walker believes that by winning this coming Tuesday they will set a new tone for Republicans. Wisconsin has a chance to once again decide which path to follow, small government conservatism or populist progressivism. Sean also spoke with Gov. Walker on last night's 'Hannity.' To watch that interview in its entirety, please click here.

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