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The case against Eric Holder

The Case Against Eric Holder
The current stand-off between Congress and the Department of Justice over the stonewalling in the Fast and Furious scandal comes as no surprise to those of us who have been paying very close attention to the controversial tenure of the Attorney General of the United States. Since returning to the Justice Department in 2009, Holder has been at the center of the administration's most embarrassing moments and troubling scandals. Among his questionable actions -- deciding to try the 9/11 terror masterminds a block away from Ground Zero, declassifying top-secret documents about the CIA's enhanced interrogation program, dropping voter intimidation charges against the new Black Panther Party even after their actions were caught on tape by Fox News, criticizing Arizona's immigration law without taking the time to read the 10-page bill first. Sean was joined by Fox News contributor Liz Cheney and Jay Sekulow from the American Center for Law and Justice to discuss the case against Eric Holder. To watch the debate, please click here.

Larry The Cable Guy
Larry the Cable Guy checked in with Sean and joked around about politics and his family. Larry says people always say a gallon of gas is still cheaper than a gallon of milk "but I don't consume 21 gallons of milk a week," Larry said to a laughing Sean. Larry asked Sean if Obama was re-elected, if he would blame his previous four years on George W. Bush? Larry was also very concerned with terrorism in this country. "Terrorists believe they'll become martyrs and meet 72 virgins in heaven. What will they do with these virgins if they just blew up a bomb in their underpants?" Larry joked. Larry also briefly discussed how he is filming his third season of "Only in America." He told Sean he lost 52 lbs since February. When asked his ideal goal for his diet, Larry said he'd like to be a "B-Cup." TGIF everyone, see you all Monday!