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The Fast and Forgetful

Governor Mitt Romney
Sean sat down with Governor Mitt Romney to talk about the future of his campaign. “The president has been speaking a lot about the economy,” began Sean, “A week and a half ago he said the private sector is fine but then followed up with how the Republicans want to cut Head Start and funding for senior citizens and early childhood education, how do you react to that?” “I think the president is looking, with some desperation, to find a message that will somehow get him re-elected, “ offered Governor Romney, “Those messages won’t work, he didn’t cause the downturn but his policies have made it harder for the economy to recover.” Governor Romney continued, “I believe in a very different course for America. We know where he’s led us and it’s not the kind of place America wants to go.” That’s the very platform which has resonated with voters it seems. In recent polls, Governor Romney has pulled even with President Obama and it appears that his message is solidified more each day. America is looking for leadership and fiscal maturity. Hope and change is nice but responsibility and maturity are key to America’s survival. To watch Sean’s interview with Governor Romney, click here.

Fast and Furious
“We continue our discussion about Barack Hussein Milhous Nixon Obama’s involvement in the Fast and Furious controversy,” began Hannity, “We’ve hit a point where the Obama Administration has found itself in legal trouble.” Sean was joined by Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice and Victoria Toensing, former Chief Counsel of the Senate Intelligence Committee, to discuss the issues regarding President Obama’s claims of executive privilege. As you’re recall, the Fast and Furious scandal involved the Justice Department’s efforts to cover-up the loss of confiscated weapons that ended up back in the hands of drug cartels. “ “This is a court issue and the courts won’t move quickly,” offered Sekulow, “But what this has done is raise the national awareness.” Today, the House voted along party lines to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for h is false testimony about how much he knew about the Fast and Furious case. Today, President Obama invoked executive privilege to block access to documents surrounding this case. “These documents must really be bad,” offered Toensing, “This is a political nightmare for the White House.” While it’s still early, President Obama is under fire and he’ll have a lot to answer for over the coming days. For more information on today’s actions, click here.

Senator John Cornyn
Texas Senator John Cornyn joined Sean to discuss his investigation into the Fast and Furious hearings. Cornyn, a former prosecutor, thinks there are some very sketchy decisions coming from the White House. “The President definitively said he knew nothing about this,” offered Hannity, “The Attorney General went before Congress in May of 2011 to say he didn’t know anything about this program but it was proven that he knew in 2010.” “As a practical matter, executive privilege will delay the investigation,” explained Cornyn, “Unfortunately this would then be referred to a US attorney.” “That gets him past the election,” admitted Cornyn, “But if the President went before Congress and it could be proven that he knew about this, he could be tried and convicted for lying before Congress?” “The stonewall is to get the President past the election,” admitted Cornyn, “But if it can be proven then there would be consequences for lying to Congress.” This developing story will certainly make for some troubling conversations as it unfolds.

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Mitt Romney

Willard Mitt Romney (born March 12, 1947) is an American businessman and former Republican Governor of Massachusetts . Romney was CEO of Bain & Company , a management consulting firm, and co-founder of Bain Capital , a private equity investment firm. Romney successfully organized and steered the 2002 Winter Olympics as President and CEO of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee. [2] Romney served one term as Governor from 2003 to 2007, [3] and was a candidate for the Republican nomination in the 2008 United States presidential election . He is widely seen as a frontrunner for the Republican nomination for President in the 2012 Presidential Election .