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Friday, June 29th, 2012

ObamaCare: 7 New Taxes On US Citizens
Sean was red hot taking the Friday airwaves and not because of the scorching temperatures in New York City. While Sean and many conservatives were angered by the Supreme Court ruling which upheld ObamaCare, today Sean opened the show by discussing the damage ObamaCare will do to our wallets. As an article written by Robert Allen Bonelli on today pointed out, there are twenty hidden new taxes in the president's healthcare law. What's worse is that seven of these taxes are levied on all citizens regardless of income. So, as Sean has pointed out on numerous occasions, President Obama's vow not to raise taxes on Americans earning less than $250,000 is yet another broken promise. For a complete description of the seven taxes that will hit your pocket when ObamaCare is fully enacted, please click here.

Mark Levin On SCOTUS Ruling
Mark Levin, host of The Levin Show and author of "The Unmaking of America," joined Sean in the show's final hour and shared his thoughts on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act and Individual Mandate. Levin was particularly angered by Justice Roberts' decision. Last night on his radio show ( audio here) Levin ripped Roberts' decision to shreds. "What Roberts did was try and be something he was never supposed to be -- a politician. And in the doing of it he embarrassed not only himself but the Supreme Court. Just because five lawyers in black robes, one of whom was purported to be a conservative, a man I knew a long time ago, issued a decision of the sort that they issued doesn't make it proper. As a matter of fact, this decision I would go as far to say is lawless. Absolutely lawless. That's why people are stunned."

Rep. Cantor On Repealing ObamaCare
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor announced that the House would waste no time and hold a vote to fully repeal ObamaCare on July 11th. Sean was joined in a prime-time exclusive with Cantor himself. "Yesterday's ruling indicated the direction that Barack Obama is going to take this country certainly as far as health care is concerned, and that is a vision that involves governmental intrusion into one's health care decisions unlike ever before. It is the law of the land now, the court has opined. The only way to change that is to make sure that in November, Barack Obama loses the election. It's that simple. If we want to return to a patient-centered health care future,” Cantor explained to Sean. "You are talking thousands of dollars for American families. And it is a serious, serious blow I think to people who are looking for a better economy," Cantor added. To watch Sean's entire interview with the House Majority Leader, please click here.

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Mark Levin

Mark Reed Levin (born September 21, 1957) is an American radio host , lawyer , author , and political commentator who served in the Reagan administration . He is the host of The Mark Levin Show , a nationally-syndicated talk show that airs throughout the United States, and the President of Landmark Legal Foundation . Levin earned his B.A. magna cum laude and J.D. at Temple University . [1] [2] He is the author of multiple bestselling books and a contributor to various other media outlets.