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A Police strike?

Police Strike?
Sean spent some time this week with Fox News contributor, Tamara Holder and author Michelle Malkin to discuss New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s latest controversial statements suggesting police go on strike until stronger gun control laws are passed. “I don't understand why the police officers across this country don't stand up collectively and say, we are going to go on strike,” offered Bloomberg, “We are not going to protect you unless you, the public, through your legislature, do what is required to keep us safe.” “Bloomberg later had to walk back on his statements,” offered Hannity, “Why is there a knee-jerk reaction after every tragedy, to blame the Tea Party?” “This is a certifiably insane comment from Michael Bloomberg,” a frustrated Malkin said, “He had to eat his words afterward because his lawyers probably reminded him of something call the Taylor Ordinance, which prohibits govern ment officials from officially endorsing public strikes like this, which endanger the public.” “Liberals are losing the argument when they call these weapons assault weapons,” Holder agreed, “But public safety is not a political issue.” For more on this and to watch the debate between Holder and Malkin, click here.

Obama Running on his Record?
Sean was joined by Lanny Davis and David Limbaugh, author of the book, “ The Great Destroyer,” to talk about President Obama’s negative campaigning. “This President is the most divisive ever,” kicked off Hannity. “I think democrats like Lanny have to be troubled by Obama’s refusal to move to the center, even during an election,” suggested Limbaugh, “My sympathies because Obama’s record is hard to defend.” “Five trillion dollars and debt with fewer jobs, is that the message that Obama is going to bring to the American people?” “I think that’s another gaffe, he needs to complete the sentence,” defended Davis, “He needs to say that we tried our plan and it had some positive results but not enough to keep the unemployment rate down and we need to do better.” “Obama promised he would keep unemployment below 8 percent,&rdq uo; countered Limbaugh, “He said he’d be judged by his record and now he’s saying he’s running because of his record and I just can’t imagine what it would take for him to say he wouldn’t run, just how bad would his record have to be?” It’s hard to imagine a situation where President Obama would not run for office, perhaps if the economy was at 25 percent unemployment?

Grand Jihad
Author Andrew McCarthy, author of the book, “The Grand Jihad”, who wrote an article covering the latest controversies surrounding the debate between Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s assistant, Huma Abedin, who seems to have ties with the Muslim Brotherhood. “We know that Ms. Abedin has a direct connection to the Muslim Brotherhood,” offered McCarthy, “She worked for the an organization called the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs, who was started by a man Abdullah Omar Naseef who is one of the highest ranking members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Saudi Arabia.” “Do you have evidence that she herself supported the Muslim Brotherhood,” asked Hannity, “You have no direct evidence but somebody in this organization was a radical.” “I draw the analogy, when I was applying for a job as a federal prosecutor, what if I had worked on a crew that, say, had ties with the Gambino family?” The answer to that is, Mr. McCarthy wouldn’t likely have a job as a federal prosecutor. While it’s true that there aren’t strong allegations of wrongdoing here, the proximity to the Muslim Brotherhood is scary. For more on this, check out Mr. McCarthy’s article in the National Review.

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