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Pawlenty for VP?

Gov. Tim Pawlenty
Governor Tim Pawlenty joined Sean in the show's second hour to discuss the 2012 campaign and the issues facing the nation today. Pawlenty's name has be rumored to be on Romney's short list of possible vice presidential candidates. Despite Sean's best efforts, Pawlenty stealthily avoided answering whether he would accept a vice presidential nomination. Pawlenty and Sean discussed the importance of energy independence and how essential it is to achieve for our nation's future. Additionally, Pawlenty addressed the negative ad campaign being waged against Romney by the Obama camp. "Well the President, of course, is I think being quite negative because his record is so bad. If you say, does his record deserve reelection and did he keep his promises, the answer is no. And so he's, I think, surmised that he can't win based on a positive telling of his record. You look at ObamaCare, it's unpopular. So with the exception of killing Osama bin Laden, he really doesn't have any accomplishments, or any popular accomplishments, and so he has only one main pathway to try to get reelected, which is to be negative and tear down Mitt Romney and I don't think the American people, particularly the independent voters are going to buy that," Pawlenty explained.

Man On The Street Friday!
Sean brought back the popular "Man On The Street Friday" segment. Sean asked Hannity show producer Lauren to go down onto the busy streets of Manhattan and ask random people on the street basic questions about government and politics. Remember, the people Sean interviewed are the very same people that will be heading to the polls this November and have the potential for canceling out your well informed vote! We accompanied Lauren on the hot and muggy streets of New York and were absolutely shocked by some of the ridiculous answers respondents gave to some of Sean's most basic questions. If you don't believe us, click here to listen to Man On The Street Friday for yourself!

Palin Slams Obama, Media For Lack Of Ethics
Team Obama is defending the indefensible and in the process earning the well-deserved reputation of the dirtiest campaign in modern history. As Sean explained yesterday, the controversial, pro-Obama super PAC known as Priorities USA Action put out a disgusting ad { watch here}, blaming Governor Mitt Romney for the death of a steel worker's life. Sean also pointed out that the steel worker, Joe Soptic, has already appeared in an official Obama campaign ad and also participated in a conference call back in May, hosted by the Obama deputy campaign manager, Stephanie Cutter, where he explained in great detail his wife's death. One day after Sean pointed out the blatant lie and the over dishonesty, no one - not the president and president civility, not the White House, not his campaign officials, no one has the moral courage to stand up and condemn this ad. In fact, the president's close confidantes have refused to comment, only saying they were not familiar with the story. But as we discovered, that's a blatant lie. Just last night, Bill Burton, the Priorities USA Action co- founder, who let's not forget used to work for the Oba ma White House, stood by the disgusting piece. The bottom line is, these dirty campaign tactics are beneath the dignity of the oval office. Sean was joined by the former governor of the great state of Alaska, Fox News contributor, Sarah Palin. You can watch Sean's interview with Palin by clicking here.

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Tim Pawlenty

Tim Pawlenty (born November 27, 1960) is an American politician. He is the 39th governor of Minnesota starting his term on January 6, 2003. Tim Pawlenty had served as the majority leader in the Minnesota House of Representatives prior to being elected governor, beginning his term in the House in 1992. He earned his undergraduate and law degrees at the University of Minnesota. His wife, Mary Pawlenty, is a district judge in Dakota County. He is a Republican. Tim Pawlenty had originally planned to seek the US Senate seat in 2002. Several national Republican leaders including Vice President Dick Cheney, asked him to step aside to allow Norm Coleman to challenge Paul Wellstone. Pawlenty then decided to run for governor. The race saw four major-party candidates (the Republican, Democratic, Independence, and Green parties were all considered to be "major" by the state at the time). Pawlenty ran against Roger Moe (Democratic), Tim Penny (Independence), and Ken... More >