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DeMint: “Democratic Party Is Completely Defunct”

Biden Adds To His Growing Gaffe List
The Romney campaign said the race for the White House reached a "new low" after Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday told voters in Virginia that Mitt Romney's policies will put people "back in chains." Biden made the remarks during a stop in Danville, Va. He took a swipe at Romney's plan to ease financial regulations, by recycling a Romney bank analogy and creating an analogy of his own. "He said in the first 100 days, he's going to let the big banks once again write their own rules," Biden said. "Unchain Wall Street! They're gonna put y'all back in chains." Sean was stunned. "Can you imagine if this was Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney who said this? This is yet another low for a campaign that we keep thinking can't sink any further. This is what a collapsing presidency looks like," Sean said adamantly.

DeMint: "Democratic Party Is Completely Defunct"
Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) joined Sean in the show's second hour and expressed his support of vice presidential pick Congressman Paul Ryan. The Republican Senator explained that he felt Ryan is a very strong and loud voice in opposition to many of the reckless spending bills that have been proposed and passed. Ryan is someone who is not afraid to speak out against the government extending it's arm to cover more than they are constitutionally allowed to. DeMint told Sean that he feels the Democrat Party is the party of the government and is completely defunct. "Democrats have a complete misunderstanding of the economy," DeMint explained. "The shared belief that government needs to spend more just doesn't make sense." The Senator felt that it's obvious that we need to spend more and work harder on our private and free market. To listen to Sean's entire conversation with Senator DeMint please click here.

Coulter: 'Paul Ryan Is The Perfect Pick'
The man who could be the next vice president of the United States had the privilege of returning to his home state of Wisconsin on Sunday. Not surprisingly, Congressman Paul Ryan showed his raw emotions when he was greeted like a rock star by the massive crowd. That excitement carried over into Des Moines yesterday where he spoke to raucous group of supporters at the Iowa state fair. Author Ann Coulter joined Sean and gave her take on Romney's decision and the ridiculous continuing class warfare rhetoric. "I think Paul Ryan is the perfect pick. I didn't see it until Romney did it. And you know, I trust Romney, he'll make the right choice. And I was right, he made the right choice. It's a beautiful synergy, it's the perfect combo platter." To watch Sean's entire interview with Ann Coulter please click here.

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Jim DeMint

James Warren "Jim" DeMint (born September 2, 1951) has been a U.S. Senator from South Carolina since 2005. He had previously represented South Carolina's 4th congressional district from 1999 to 2005. He is a member of the Republican Party.