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Congressman Paul Ryan

Mr. Vice President
Congressman Paul Ryan came on the NewsMaker hotline to share his thoughts on being chosen as Governor Mitt Romney’s running mate in November. “We’ve come a long way from ‘Hope and Change’,” began Hannity, “Let’s talk about the tone of the campaign, because you’ve said in the past that we have two or three years before the credit markets abandoned the United States of America, how bad is it?” “It is bad,” responded Ryan, “That’s not my prediction, the experts keep telling us we can’t spend money we don’t have and this is the culmination of politicians from both parties making empty promises, our entire point is to change this agenda and preempt a debt crisis.” “We have a narrowing window to do this,” warned Ryan, “The next four years will decide the trajectory we’re going on for some time to come.” You can listen to Sean’s exclusive intervie w with the next Vice President of the United States, here.

Or This Vice President?
David Webb and Zerlina Maxwell join Sean to discuss Vice President Joe Biden’s latest comment where he talked about his state “being a slave state” joined Sean. “Is there a double standard on gaffes,” asked Hannity. “President Obama said in 2008 ‘If you don’t have any fresh ideas then you use scare tactics and if you don’t have a record to run on, then you use scare tactics to drive people away.’” “The important point is that what Biden said was inappropriate,” offered Maxwell, “He won’t be saying this again.” “Why is there a double standard,” asked Hannity, “If a conservative said these things there would definitely be a double standard.” You can watch Vice President Biden’s comments here and decide for yourself just how egregious they were but a huge thanks to Sean for continuing to press the message that our leaders should be speaking intelligently and respectfully regardless of party affiliation and, if they don’t, they should be held equally accountable.

Buying Ten Beers
President Obama made headlines this week at the Iowa State Fair for saying, “I’m going to buy ten beers, who wants one, except for the person with the Romney sign, I’m teasing?” Renee was that person and she joined Sean on the program. “What an amazing thing,” laughed Renee, “There were maybe 40 people in the tent.” “Why didn’t he buy beers for everybody,” laughed Hannity. “We were there to see Paul Ryan and if you looked out on Main Street, there were thousands of people listening,” explained Renee, “We got word that President Obama was going to speak and we walked by the venue with my Romney t-shirt and I can’t really even say it was a crowd, it was a really small group.” For more on our generous President’s purchases, click here.