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Paul Ryan was great!

Liberal Media At It Again
Governor John Sununu and Dr. Marc Lamont Hill joined Sean for a healthy discussion on how the Republican National Committee’s convention is going this week. “The best moment you’ve had on TV is probably what you did with Andrea Mitchell,” laughed Hannity, “She’s so lacking in knowledge that it’s kind of like taking candy from a baby in these debates.” “The worst part is that a lot of liberal media outlets just are not showing some of the significant people that the Republicans have had on that stage,” exchanged Sununu, “There are people like the Governor New Mexico who always thought she was a Democrat until she actually talked to Republicans and she realized she was a Republican.” “The best was Arthur Davis, who actually nominated Barack Obama but now feels he voted for the wrapper and not the substance,” continued Sununu. “In 2008, President Obama said that if you can’t run o n ideas you have to demonize the opponent,” asked Hannity of Dr. Lamont Hill, “He said that, now he’s saying that the Republican plan is for the elderly to fend for themselves, where is the civility in that?” “Yeah, the President has done some real bottom of the barrel stuff but I’ve heard that he distanced himself from that,” responded Dr. Lamont Hill. With 68 days left until Election Day, it’ll be interesting to see just how negative the Obama campaign gets and how “helpful” the liberal media gets. To watch Governor Sununu’s brilliant sparring with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, click here.

Governor Scott Walker
Sean was joined by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to break down Paul Ryan’s remarks from last night. “I think God called Paul Ryan to this stage, not just the stage last night,” began Governor Walker, “I just think he’s going to be a great help to President Mitt Romney.” “The one thing I can take away from your recall election, which I know was hard on you,” pressed Hannity, “Through all the nonsense, at the end of the day, the people of Wisconsin realized that they couldn’t afford to spend money they didn’t have and I’m hopeful that Americans will realize the same.” “When Governor Mitt Romney selected Paul Ryan it said more about him than Paul Ryan, “ answered Walker, “This showed that he has the courage and the passion to be an exceptional president and the swing voters have told us that they want leadership and that’s why I believe Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will win.&r dquo; While the battles continue to get nasty, leaders like Governor Scott Walker will help to show the swing voters where they can find leadership.

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Want to know what Jon Voight and I are watching!? I have a big surprise and announcement tomorrow!

Jon Voight
Actor John Voight has been actively supporting Governor Mitt Romney and he’s a rock star at this year’s RNC convention. “Your willingness to take on Obama has been inspiring,” began Hannity, “Something others aren’t willing to do.” “We’ve seen the grassroots in America sensing the danger for our country,” offered Voight, “This is the culmination of a big journey that we must take home on November 6th Voight continued, “ So far, the speeches have been remarkable and this is a happy time for me and I’m hoping that America is getting a glimpse of the greatness of the folks in the Republican party.” “I’m not going to say Republicans are perfect,” offered Hannity, “If Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are elected, we’ll have to hold their feet to the fire.” “You’re absolutely right,” responded Voight, “Yes we’re headed for disaster if we don’t address our problems and thank God we have two people who have it in their nature to fix things.” Kudos to Jon Voight for breaking rank with Hollywood to spend his personal time defending our country and supporting our future. If you don’t recall, Jon Voight wrote an open letter to President Obama which Sean highlighted on You should check it out.