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Are We Really Better Off?
New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu joined Sean to update the audience on the aftermath of Hurricane Isaac and what’s in store for the gulf coast. “I know you’re a Democrat but I have to give you credit,” praised Hannity, “You guys were a lot more prepared than when Katrina hit.” “We have folks at every level of government who’re embedded with each other and we were a lot more prepared,” explained Landrieu, “Unfortunately New Orleans continues to be the canary in the coal mine so we need to continue to be prepared.” “If you go back and look at the path of this storm, everybody had to be ready,” added Landrieu, “The big news here is that the levies worked the way they were supposed to.” “Do you think this country is better off than we were four years ago,” pressed Hannity? “I do,” quickly responded Mayor Landrieu, “I believe New Orleans certainly is better off than we were four years ago.” “I didn’t ask you about New Orleans, a frustrated Hannity pushed, “I love you to death but I asked you about this country.” “I’ll say this, I had to cut the budget by 25% in six months,” noted Landrieu, “I think the fault likes in Washington, and the fault could lie on both Republicans and Democrats, and their inability to find thoughtful solutions to our problems.” The Hill released a very condemning poll today that has nearly 52% of likely voters saying they feel the country is worse off than September 2008. Do you feel that way? Stop by the Hannity Forums for your chance to tell the world how you feel about the future of this country.

Simple Math
John Hilinko and David Webb “Are we better off than we were four years ago,” began Sean, “When asked how he thought he’s done, President Obama gave himself an ‘ incomplete’, what president gives themselves an incomplete?” “We’re not better off,” argued David Webb, “There are five million people who’ve left the workforce altogether and our GDP continues to be revised down.” “Four years ago we lost almost 800,000 jobs which, if that continued, would be over 30%,” argued Hilinko, “People aren’t happy because we still have a long way to go.” “At this current rate our debt interest payments will be one trillion dollars which is more than our tax receipts,” offered Webb, “There’s just no way to recover from that.” It really is as simple as that, if we spend more than we take in we won’t be solvent forever. That’s not a Republican or Democrat issue, that’s an American issue.

@SeanHannity Tweet of the Day
U.S. Debt Now $136,260 Per Household—Up 50% Under Obama. #AreYouBetteroff

Rep. Artur Davis
In 2008, former Congressman Artur Davis eloquently seconded President Barack Obama’s nomination for President of the United State of America. Four years later, Congressman Davis spoke at the Republican convention in support of Governor Mitt Romney. What’s changed? “American’s measure their lives by basic standards,” offered Davis, “Are they working, is there value in their mortgages, is the cost of living higher and do they have confidence in their economic future.” “Most Americans don’t think we are better off than we were four years ago,” plainly stated Davis. “How did you evolve from supporting Obama to where you are today,” asked Hannity. “I used to be a center-left Democrat,” offered Davis, “I no longer felt there was a place for me and the truth is the Republican Party is the bigger tent in American society today.” In the spirit of electing a new leader in Wash ington this November, welcome aboard Congressman Davis. To listen to Sean's full interview with Congressman Davis, click here.