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Less talk, more jobs

The Speech
Last night, President Barack Obama accepted the nomination as the Democrats nominee for the 2012 election. That’s not surprising. What is surprising is the speech he gave last night. “Pedestrian, is one adjective I’d use to describe it,” opined Hannity in reaction to the President’s remarks, “Flat comes to mind, it was empty, stale, boring and it just showed how much the Obama team is out of gas and out of ideas.” “There was a certain amount of laziness,” continued Hannity, “He’d have been better off reciting the lyrics from Bruce Springstein’s ‘Glory Days’ and this really embodies what he tried to do last night, a pathetic attempt to try and recapture the days of hope and change.” “He spent a lot of time reciting how hard he’s tried and how hard the road has been,” a frustrated Hannity continued, “This election is about people and the people know these pains all to well.” While the media seemingly has mixed messages on the success of the President’s remarks, it was clear Sean didn’t like what he heard. You can listen to Sean’s complete analysis here.

Less Talk, More Jobs
Sean has been really busy today as reaction from last night's nomination of President Obama has become official. Earlier today, Paul Ryan tweeted, "43 straight months of unemployment above 8% isn't a recovery." Sean agreed and went even further on today's show. "I don't know where to begin today," laughed Hannity, "I have to be fair, unemployment for those who work for the government is at 5.1% so it's not as bad as the private sector." Sean continued, "The jobs report is, in a word, disgraceful, and the Congressional Budget Office is saying we may be headed to a second depression." "Hundreds of thousands of people have given up and those don't count, only people who are actively looking for jobs," an angry Hannity continued. "If we added 96,000 jobs per month we wouldn't close the job gap until 2025," continued Sean, "The President is on his way to having the worst jobs report of any president in the modern era." For more on the monthly jobs report, click here.

In God They Don't Trust
The Democrats made headlines at their convention for the debate over whether to include references to God in the official party platforms and having some delegates reportedly booing upon the recommendation that the term be included. Jason Childs and Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson join Sean to debate this entire controversy? “What do you make of this,” began Sean, “What do you say to the fact that they were booing God on at least three separate occasions.” “They weren’t booing God,” answered Childs, “They were booing revisionist history, it wasn’t until the 1950s that the far right added “under God” to the pledge of allegiance.” “We are a judeo-christian nation whether you like it or not,” countered Jesse Lee Peterson. Paul Ryan has weighed in on this controversy laughingly saying, “The Democrats were against God before they were with him.” For more on this story, click here.

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46 Months of unemployment above 8% isn't a recovery.