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What do we do now?

How Should We Respond?
In the wake of recent attacks to U.S. Officials in Libya, Sean spent some time this week talking about how we should respond. Sean sat down with Mike Ghouse and Brigitte Gabriel to talk about the ways the United States can respond. “They do not deserve our money,” an angry Gabriel offered, “They do not deserve our money and they do not deserve our support and it’s time for our president to stand up to a bunch of thugs who are attacking us like this.” Ghouse took a slightly more forgiving stance saying, “I condemn what has happened in Libya, killing our ambassador is not acceptable, if you look at our own democracy though, it took many years to stabilize the democracy but it is in their blood right now.” Sean spent some time this afternoon on Twitter, flushing out details with Dana Perino about a potentially great new plan for the United States. He wrote, Good Idea @DanaPerino - Sending the occupiers to go “talk” and “reason with the anti-American protesters in Egypt, Libya, etc. In all seriousness though, we should be looking to our leaders in Washington for answers and a plan, something that doesn't seem to be coming very quickly.

Woodward Continues
Sean sat down earlier this week on ‘Hannity’ to talk about the elections. Woodward stopped by today to continue the conversation. “I wanted to get into this the other night,” began Hannity, “Your thoughts on Paul Ryan, you view him as a bright and serious guy.” “One key point is that he wants to address ‘The Problem’ and that is runaway government spending,” offered Woodward, “The money just won’t be there, you just can’t do this.” “Interesting, in your book 'The Price of Politics', you wrote about how Barney Frank gave Ryan advice to get on a committee he cares about,” laughed Hannity, “That was one really interesting tidbit in your book.” “Ryan is one of the hardest workers,” acknowledged Woodward, “I’ve watched him being interviewed by some hostile people and he just blows them out of the water.” Woodward’s book, 'The Price of Politics' was a main topic of conversation yesterday on and remains a great book on the fiscal debate waging in American politics today.

What is Democracy?
Mike Ghouse and George Birnbaum, former Chief of Staff to Bibi Netanyahu, joined Sean to discuss the situations in Libya. “Mike, you’ve said that we just need to give more time to the Muslim brotherhood and other radical islamist groups,” began Hannity, “Why do we want to give them more time.” “The bully in us wants to bomb everyone,” offered Ghouse, “But we have to look at the outcome of that and that is that it would create more violence.” “What bothered me is that we’re calling all these movements, Democracy movements,” offered Birnbaum, “The American Revolution wasn’t a Democracy movement, it was a freedom movement and what we’re seeing now isn’t a Democracy movement, it’s just a power grab.” As the race for the White House continues on toward November, it’s going to be critically important to follow these foreign policy stories because they’ll dictate t he future of America and her allies for decades to come.

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