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Dr. Thomas Sowell
Sean was joined by Dr. Thomas Sowell to discuss President Obama’s chances for re-election. “With the economy the way it is, Romney should be twenty points ahead in the polls,” offered Sowell, “I’m not sure who is going to win but I do think President Obama has more than a chance at re-election.” “These are tough times,” agreed Hannity, “Have people been conditioned to rely on the government?” “I do believe that the government is looking to get more and more people conditioned to be dependent and thus vote for them,” explained Sowell. “Our country can reach a point of no return,” continued Dr. Sowell, “If President Obama continues to disregard the Constitution, we’ll be like some of these banana republics that simply follow the orders of their President.” Dr. Sowell spent some time releasing his essay, “Trickle Down and Tax Cuts for the Rich” which details the many reasons why giving resources back to the people is the best and only way for America to truly return to greatness! For more information and to read Dr. Sowell’s essay, click here.

Liberal Media Continues To Attack
Tucker Carlson and Matthew Boyle from the Daily Caller joined Sean to deal with the media sellout that has happened as a result of the liberal media’s coverage of Mitt Romney’s campaign. “The media clearly has their thumb on the scale for Barack Obama,” began Carlson, “They believe in him and they think this election is so important.” “This is one of the most scandalous administrations in history,” added Boyle, “If these stories were from President Bush, there would be outrage.” “I call this selective outrage,” agreed Hannity, “The media is having an impact though, the narrative of the left-wing media is all about how Romney has said 47% of Americans don’t pay income taxes.” “The media is desperate to distort accurate statements by Romney,” added Boyle. “It’s important to note that this isn’t really a national election,” warned Carlson, “The numbers in Ohio and Virginia should be much better than they are and one of the reasons is because of the endless press attacks on Romney.” This is a good time to take a look at Hannity’s political map on and see all battleground states. Carlson’s point is a good one. Though the nation votes for President, the balance really does sit with a handful of key states.

@SeanHannity Tweet of the Day 47% of Americans do not pay taxes! Top 10% pay 70% of tax bill and they get lectured about "fair share" -details on radio at 3pm, FNC 9pm

Mark Levin's Ameritopia
“The Great One” Mark Levin joined Dr. Hannity’s show to discuss the release of his new book, “Ameritopia.” “This has been the dirtiest campaign,” began Hannity, “You do this in your book, you look at all the societies that have failed, are we on that path?” “No country is guaranteed perpetual existence,” warned Levin, “There are two issues, political will and economic reality.” Levin continued to explain, “Even if we have the political will there will be a time when the economic reality may prevent us from recovering.” “This is disastrous,” warned Levin, “Abraham Lincoln and others warned that, if this country were to be conquered, it would be conquered from within.” “I’ve argued and will continue to argue, we are in a soft tyranny right now,” argued Levin, “The circle of liberty around every individual is getting tighter and tighter an d that’s why I cite Plato and others in this book.” For more on Mark’s book, “Ameritopia”, click here.

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Mark Levin

Mark Reed Levin (born September 21, 1957) is an American radio host , lawyer , author , and political commentator who served in the Reagan administration . He is the host of The Mark Levin Show , a nationally-syndicated talk show that airs throughout the United States, and the President of Landmark Legal Foundation . Levin earned his B.A. magna cum laude and J.D. at Temple University . [1] [2] He is the author of multiple bestselling books and a contributor to various other media outlets.