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A very big night

Karl Rove
Sean kicked off Thursday’s show from Denver and was joined by Karl Rove to preview tonight’s Presidential Debate. “The dirty little secret is that both of these candidates will do very well,” began Rove, “That’s going to come out in Romney’s favor because the narrative, after tomorrow, is that Romney did well and the media will be forced to acknowledge that this is a close race.” “What does Romney need to do tonight to win,” asked Hannity. “Romney has to go out tonight and look presidential,” advised Rove, “The most important thing is that people need to leave tonight with a sense that Romney knows what he wants to do, he needs to put some meat on the bones, but he has to do that in a story.” The theme, as Rove mentioned, that Romney needs to hit home with is “can we do better?” The truth is, after four years, you have to believe we can. To listen to Sean's entire intervie w with Rove, click here.

Carlson: Media Defends Obama...Again.
Tucker Carlson joined Sean to explain his article in The Daily Caller with exclusive video of President Obama claiming that folks in New Orleans didn’t receive aide after Hurricane Katrina because of the color of their skin. “This is bad, I got an email from Sam Feist who claims that CNN has had these videos of President Obama since 2007,” offered Carlson, “I bolted in my chair when I saw President Obama accusing the United States government of racism toward the people in Louisiana, if this is all true then this is a severe dereliction of duty by the media.” “I was there covering the hurricane,” concluded Carlson, “Most of the damage and waste came as a result of negligence by local officials.” Carlson makes a very strong point there in that many factors can go into perceived racism and it’s the media’s job to vet this entire story out. I t appears all outlets failed to do that.

@SeanHannity Tweet of the Day
Not so much of a tweet as a reminder to follow Sean all night for live coverage of tonight's debate!

A Very Big Night
So, how important is tonight’s debate? “Some people are nervous, I’m not,” laughed Hannity, “With each passing day I think Obama has bigger problems than anybody knows.” “We’re going to be tweeting live during the debate and this is going to be a lot of fun,” continued Sean, “This isn’t complicated, Romney needs to relax but he needs to show passion on what we need to do.” If you have some time tonight, follow Sean on Twitter for his up-to-the minute coverage of tonight’s debate.