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Romney's big win

Big Win!
Sean kicked off Thursday’s show with a recap of the first Presidential Debate that occurred in Denver. “Mitt cut through all of the clutter, he was the perfect combination of smart, unapologetic and understandable,” praised Hannity, “It just had everything in it.” Sean continued, “The left is getting the story wrong though,” continued Hannity, “The President is in a precarious position because the problem is his promises and his record.” “The debate, in many ways, is a metaphor,” offered Sean, “A metaphor between conservative and liberal values, Romney showed success while the opposition showed a losing proposition.” “This was the mile high meltdown,” laughed Hannity, “Everyone who watched last night knows that Mitt Romney slaughtered Barack Obama and our focus group last night said that Romney defeated Obama in nearly every way.” Florida Senator Marco Rubio was so p roud of Governor Romney that he told Sean last night that “This race will never be the same after tonight.” For Senator Rubio’s interview with Sean, click here.

Coulter and Williams React
Ann Coulter and Juan Williams joined Sean to dissect last night’s debate. “Romney was very good,” praised Coulter, “He was magnificent and, very simply, he used facts and figures but was very friendly and avoided the perception of being smug.” Coulter continued, “I don’t think Obama has encountered anybody like this,” continued Coulter, “It was like pulling the curtain back on the Wizard of Oz.” “I think you could argue Obama won,” countered Williams to Hannity’s discuss, “If you look at the substance, I think this was a pretty good debate, but if you look it’s the left that’s saying Obama lost.” “The left wanted this to be a mud-slinging festival and they wanted the mud thrown right in Romney’s face,” continued Williams, “When Obama and David Axlerod decided to appear Presidential, that’s not what the left wanted.” “There we re many good lines but no huge gaffes,” agreed Coulter, “The curtain was pulled back and it will be again in the next few debates.” To listen to Ann Coulter and Juan William’s full analysis of last night’s debate, click here.

@SeanHannity Tweet of the Day
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What Were Your Favorite Debate Moments?
Sean spent last night @SeanHannity adding to the debate coverage. With such great one-liners as “Obama keeps looking at Jim Lehrer ‘please save me, please save me” and “Obama’s meandering anecdotes; does he know where he is right now,” Sean kept everyone entertained and laughing. So, what were your favorite debate moments? @Holko thought, “next year they won’t be spending their anniversary in front of 40 million people” and @whitneyh_86 thought “I love Big Bird. Best line by far!” So, what were your thoughts of last night’s debate? You can visit and join the conversation!

Show Guests

Ann Coulter

Ann Hart Coulter (born December 8, 1961) is an American social and political commentator , best-selling author , and syndicated columnist . She frequently appears on television, radio, and as a speaker at public and private events. Well-known for her conservative political opinions and the controversial ways in which she defends them, Coulter has described herself as a polemicist who likes to "stir up the pot" and, unlike "broadcasters," does not "pretend to be impartial or balanced."

Juan Williams

Williams regularly appears on major radio and television programs, notably National Public Radio and the Fox News Channel. He also writes for leading newspapers including The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal, and has been published in magazines including The Atlantic Monthly and Time.