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Koch still supports Obama

Ghosts Of Manhattan
Sean welcomed Fox News Channel anchor Megyn Kelly to the last half hour of Friday's show to talk about Wednesday's debate and a new book written by her husband called, "Ghosts of Manhattan." Kelly, having moderated a presidential debate in the past, was able to share an interesting perspective on Jim Lehrer's performance earlier this week. Contrary to what many critics have expressed, the Fox Newswoman felt Lehrer should have interjected even less than he did to give Obama and Romney the ability to have a real debate. Lehrer futilely tried to reign in both candidates, but he shouldn't have Megyn Kelly explained. "Allowing the two candidates to actively participate and respond with one another allowed the American people to see what their choices truly are on November 6th," Kelly explained. Kelly briefly discussed her husband's new book, "Ghosts of Manhattan" which is available now on Amazon by clicking here.

Koch Still Supports Obama
Despite an atrocious performance at this week's first presidential debate and alienating Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel, former Mayor of New York City Ed Koch still backs Obama. Sean was shocked that Koch was able to forgive the president for so many of the missteps he has taken - putting one of our greatest allies, Israel, in the line of fire by a nation such as Iran who would like nothing better than to wipe Israel off the map. The former mayor explained the president has not done any of these things in a malicious or intentional way. In fact, he believes that Obama will in fact do what's right for the country. Koch told Sean in the show's last hour that Koch "he still can not support the Republican candidate for president, since he is unable to approve the handling and planning of domestic issues." To listen to Sean's entire interview with Ed Koch please click here.

Exclusive: Romney And Ryan React To 1st Presidential Debate
The consensus is in. Governor Mitt Romney was the decisive winner in Wednesday night's presidential debate. Even the most left-wing political observers and pundits have conceded that their candidate bombed without the use of his teleprompter. Obama aides are trying to peg all of their candidate's stumbling and bumbling on Mitt Romney. Believe it or not, they are accusing the governor of lying. Sean was joined by both candidates on the Republican ticket to discuss Wednesday's debate. Romney took the high road when asked by Sean how he felt he did at the debate. "I was pleased that I had the chance to talk about my vision for America. The president was able to answer some questions that I posed that I think Americans across the country have wanted to have answered. And it was an evening of substance," Romney explained. Ryan, who gets his change to debate VP Joe Biden this Thursday. "Obama doesn't have a record to run on. This is why they're running the kind of campaign t hey're running. What I am excited about, Sean, is that the American people got to see the guy I know -- a decisive, optimistic, confident leader. A person with a plan to create jobs and grow the economy. That's what the country saw," Ryan said talking about Romney's performance. You can watch Sean's interview with Romney and Ryan by clicking here.

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