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Obama: 'I Was Just Too Polite' In Debate
President Obama's most recent excuse for his poor performance in last week's presidential debate is that he was "too polite" to Republican rival Mitt Romney. Obama, who called into the Tom Joyner Morning Show, said "it's fair to say I was just too polite" when asked about his poor debate outing {Listen to the audio here}. Obama vowed to be more aggressive at the next two debates. Sean could barely contain himself when he read this story to start Wednesday's show. "Polite?" Sean asked incredulously. "This is a president that I call President Cry Baby - The Whiner-In-Chief - who just complains all the time and never takes responsibility for anything. When all else fails its Bush's fault right?" Sean exclaimed. Sean's radio engineer Jason put together a fantastic montage of Obama being "polite" throughout his presidency. To listen click here.

The frustration level continued to rise in Washington today when a House panel looking into deadly Sept. 11 attack on the US Consulate in Libya was confronted with State Department officials attempting to walk fine line to explain how Obama administration's explanation of events was so off-point. The State Department's extraordinary break with other administration offices came in a department briefing yesterday, where officials said "others" in the executive branch concluded initially that the protest was based, like others in the Middle East, on a film that ridiculed the Prophet Muhammad. "That was never our conclusion," a senior official told reporters. "Well then whose decision was it?" Sean asked incredulously. "Who decided to go out there for weeks on end and blame the attack on a movie trailer, including last week when the president was at the United Nations? For more on this developing story, please click here.

The Return Of Al Qaeda
Ever since Usama Bin Laden's death, President Obama and his liberal allies have been out "spiking the football" and downplaying the threat that Al Qaeda and Islamic extremists still pose. "On this program, we are going to give you the very plain, the very simple truth. The terrorist threat, in my view is far more dangerous than ever before," Sean said on 'Hannity'. You don't have to just take Sean's word for it. CBS foreign correspondent, Lara Logan, is now sounding the alarm. Last week, the veteran Middle East reporter slammed the Obama administration and said it is "a major lie that the Taliban has been weakened." When speaking about the murders of Ambassador Chris Stevens and two Navy seals and one other American, she did not mince words either. Logan said that she hopes the president will "let the world know that the United States will not be attacked on its own soil, that its ambassadors will not be murdered and that the United States will not stand by and do nothing about it." Sean was joined by New York Times bestselling author Bob Woodward with reaction to Logan's and the real threat Al Qaeda poses. Woodward agreed that Al Qaeda may not be as powerful as it was back in 2001, but the terrorist group still poses a grave threat to our nation. "They're still very dangerous. It is an incredibly dangerous world," said Woodward. To watch Sean's entire interview with Bob Woodward please click here.