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Crazy Uncle Joe

Initial Reactions
Sean kicked off the end of the week with his analysis of last night’s Biden/Ryan debate. “I was asking yesterday, before the debate, which Uncle Joe was going to show up,” laughed Hannity, “Well Crazy Joe showed up with his smile.” “I don’t know what to think at some points,” continued Hannity, “If you look at the Drudge Report they have a Real Clear Politics poll that shows there are only ten states locked down for Obama, this means the American people aren’t sold on four more years of Obama.” “I was watching someone last night who is clinically unbalanced,” a more serious Sean continued, “Let me be blunt, we saw the Vice President of the United States of America give the most emotionally unstable debate performance in modern political politics.” You can watch more of Sean’s reaction from last night’s crazy debate here.

Fred and Jeri Thompson On The Debate
“I watched Joe Biden have a nervous breakdown in front of America,” began Hannity, “He came across as a guy who was on or off medication and had drank too much bourbon.” “I’ve known this guy for almost twenty years and this is just the way he is,” offered Senator Thompson, “He has never had an inner voice that will tell him ‘Joe you can’t do this’, that’s just not a part of his makeup.” “In the Senate,” continued Thompson, “In committee hearings he appeared to be a bully and overbearing.” “But isn’t it more than that,” pressed Hannity, “His performance wasn’t just embarrassing, it was unnerving.” “For me, if this were my husband I’d have a conversation and if this were my son I’d stop that behavior,” quickly added Jeri Thompson. “Paul was brilliant,” praised Jeri as the topic switched from Crazy Joe Biden to Congressman Ryan, “He really laid out the differences between a Romney/Ryan ticket and an Obama/Biden ticket.” “You can’t look at these things without bringing your own preconceived notions to the table,” added Senator Thompson, “I think he walked a fine line between showing proper respect for the proceedings and yet sticking up for himself.” “What Ryan has is his courage,” explained Thompson, “He’s addressed difficult issues and has gone toe to toe with Obama and Biden and that is uncommon.” Politico ran a great article last night on Biden’s many different facial expressions and how the audience reacted on social media. Check it out here.

Sean’s Big Movie Debut
Sean announced his acting debut with Harmon Kaslow, producer of Atlas Shrugged II, with much excitement. “The relevancy of this movie aren’t far apart from what we’re debating,” began Hannity, “I think you’ll come away from this movie thinking how fast the government can take away your rights.” “What you see, especially today in the news, is a bunch of entrepreneurs who feel they have a target on their back,” agreed Kaslow, “This is very serious.” “I’m in the movie, playing myself,” laughed Hannity, “I want everyone to know that this was one take with no script.” To watch Sean’s big debut, click here.

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Fred Thompson

Fred Dalton Thompson (born Freddie Dalton Thompson on August 19, 1942), is an American politician, actor, attorney, lobbyist, columnist, and radio host. He served as a Republican U.S. Senator from Tennessee from 1994 through 2003. Thompson served as chairman of the International Security Advisory Board at the United States Department of State, was a member of the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and is a Visiting Fellow with the American Enterprise Institute, specializing in national security and intelligence. As an actor, Thompson has appeared in a large number of movies and television shows. He has frequently portrayed governmental figures. In the final months of his U.S. Senate term in 2002, Thompson joined the cast of the long-running NBC television series Law & Order, playing Manhattan District Attorney Arthur Branch. In May 2007 he took a break from acting in order to run for the 2008 Republican... More >