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Monday, October 15th, 2012

Crowley's Comments Causing Debate Anxiety
CNN's Candy Crowley will moderate tomorrow's townhall-style presidential debate. The newswoman appears to have caused some anxiety within both campaigns with her recent comments about how she plans to approach her role in the second debate. Crowley has said in repeated interviews that she plans to ask follow-up questions and press candidates on issues they may have left out of the answers. What bothered Sean even more, were comments Crowley made when Romney selected Ryan to be his running mate. Crowley was quoted as saying the Romney/Ryan pairing "looked a little bit like some sort of ticket death wish." "So what does that mean?" Sean asked. "Who picks these moderators? Martha Raddatz? Oh that's right she works for the prestigious ABC News. If they're going to go with ABC News why didn't they pick Diane Sawyer or Charlie Gibson? Then we find out that Barack Obama attended her wedding! Don't worry, there's no conflict right?" Sean said smugly. "Every time Paul Ryan s poke she interrupted him!" It'll be interesting to see how impartial Crowley is at tomorrow's presidential debate. You can follow Sean on Twitter tomorrow who will be tweeting live as soon as the debate starts! Join Sean on Twitter @SeanHannity.

Williams & Coulter Battle
Two of Sean's favorite guests, Ann Coulter and Juan Williams to debate the hot button issues that will be discusses at tomorrow's presidential debate. Sean will played audio of Obama mocking citizens who 'cling to their guns and religions', when, behind closed doors, he had no trouble bashing Romney for his 47% comment. Sean discussed some of the recent TV and radio shows that the President has visited, especially a show called " Pimp with a Limp." Juan Williams argued that Obama's participation on these shows is a great idea to extend his reach to non-traditional formats, and that maybe the President will reach an untapped market that doesn't tune into straight ahead markets and outlets. Ann countered by arguing that the President will not be doing any challenging interviews or visiting networks that are not Team Obama. The President wants to makes sure that he is always in a positive and endearing environment. To listen to Coulter and Williams' debate, please click here.

Does The White House Have A Class Warfare Agenda?
At last week's vice-presidential debate, Uncle Joe did everything in his power to hide from his boss' failures and to do so, he used the left's favorite tactic - divisive class warfare. Sean was joined by Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer with his thoughts on Biden's warfare agenda. "When you don't have a record, you have you to do this kind of stuff. But you notice Biden just can't even get his story straight. He's talking about tax cuts for the super wealthy. That's not the position of his administration and they actually had to walk it back today," Krauthammer said. The Fox News contributor briefly touched on Biden's performance at the debate as well. "He kept speaking over the moderator and over Ryan, interrupting in a way that put him in control. But then you add the mannerisms if you saw it on TV and clearly it was a loss for Biden because he really looked a little bit a lot out of control at times," Charles said. To watch Sean's entire interview with Krauth ammer please click here.

Show Guests

Ann Coulter

Ann Hart Coulter (born December 8, 1961) is an American social and political commentator , best-selling author , and syndicated columnist . She frequently appears on television, radio, and as a speaker at public and private events. Well-known for her conservative political opinions and the controversial ways in which she defends them, Coulter has described herself as a polemicist who likes to "stir up the pot" and, unlike "broadcasters," does not "pretend to be impartial or balanced."

Juan Williams

Williams regularly appears on major radio and television programs, notably National Public Radio and the Fox News Channel. He also writes for leading newspapers including The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal, and has been published in magazines including The Atlantic Monthly and Time.