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The Debate in 60 Seconds

The Debate in 60 seconds
Sean’s immediate reaction to last night’s debate has made great headlines on today. You can check out Sean’s sixty-second debate recap which he did with Hofstra TV right after the debate. “We have fewer Americans working than we did,” explained Hannity, “I thought Romney laid out the case like a prosecuting attorney and I thought he did a really good job.” Sean isn’t the only person who thought Governor Romney did a really good job. Throughout the debate, Sean was live tweeting @SeanHannity. Everyone from Ari Fleisher to Donald Trump joined in on the conversation to share their thoughts on how Governor Romney was performing. You can see a complete recap by visiting Sean’s Twitter page, here.

Governor John Sununu: Romney will do better
Sean was joined by former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu to get his thoughts on last night’s second Presidential debate. “There’s a lot that happened last night,” began Hannity, “The Obama-mania media has already written about the great Obama comeback but with all that, I thought this was a spectacular debate for Romney.” “The latest Romney poll has him at 51%,” continued Hannity, “No person who has ever been behind by six points in the Gallup Poll have come back to win.” “And things will get better,” agreed Sununu, “This President has given nothing to the voters in the middle and Mitt Romney has, Romney has an agenda of hope that the President does not.” While many in the mainstream liberal media are claiming an Obama win last night, it appears that Governor Romney’s performance has done much to solidify his status as a legitimate contender. With just a few weeks left in the campaign, these battles will be hard fought and incredibly important to the future of this great country. For more on the polls, check out this article by Jay Bookman.

Austan Goolsbee: Defending The Economy?
Former Obama Chief Economist, Austan Goolsbee , came on the show to discuss some defense for the last four year’s economic growth. “I thought Romney hit on the devastating failures of the Obama Administration,” began Hannity, “Mr Goolsbee, we haven’t gotten what our President promised us.” “The President has stepped into something that wasn’t really good,” fought back Goolsbee, “I think it’s legitimate for the President to say that conditions have come back some.” “The world is melting down,” continued Goolsbee, “Our growth rate is the fastest growth rate of any of the modern economies of the world.” “The President talked about shovel ready jobs and then laughed when they didn’t come,” offered Hannity, “ He made a lot of promises, didn’t he?” “The economy is better than when Obama took office,” fought Goolsbee, “The Preside nt has been in office for four years and he had a huge drop in his first year and things have been improving over the last three years.” “Tell that to the one in six Americans who are below the poverty line,” quickly shot back Hannity, “I’m sure they’d love to hear that.”