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Fact checking the president

The Stimulus Was Too Small?
Sean was joined by Ryan Grimm, the Washington Bureau Chief, and Michelle Malkin to discuss November’s election. “We have been hammering Obama on the economy for four years now,” began Grimm, “I have an article coming out that suggests the stimulus was too small.” “Too small,” a flabbergasted Hannity questioned, “So you want to spend until we can no longer pay it back and then America will be viewed as a bankrupt country.” “But, how did we go from spend to not being able to pay it back,” questioned Grimm. “I’ve always been critical of big government spending of Republicans and Democrats,” offered Malkin as a rebuttal, “I think it’s pathetic that Obama’s argument in the last debate was basically to say that he’ll do in the next four years what he couldn’t get done in the last four years.” It is truly amazing to hear the argument that the stimulus package was too small, a sentiment that millions of unemployed Americans couldn’t possibly agree with.

Fact Check Obama...Again
Sean spent last night with Newt Gingrich to do some fact checking over President Obama’s story related to the attacks in Benghazi. “The President, for the first time in the Rose Garden after this event, blamed a Youtube video for the violence in Benghazi,” began Hannity, “For weeks he was asked if this was an act of terror and he repeatedly denied.” Hannity continued, “Five days after the fact he was refusing to acknowledge there was a terrorist attack.” “In a very serious way, what is there about Barack Obama’s psychology that makes it so difficult to deal with the reality of Islamic extremism, why is he always apologizing,” offered Gingrich, “Secondly, last night the President completely misled the American people, he’s not being honest with himself nor the world about the existence of Islamic terrorism.” Gingrich continued, “We should be fighting for free speech and telling the Islamic world that we won’t be a censor for Americans.” For more on this and to watch Sean’s interview, click here.

Women for Romney
Lt. Governor Kerry Healey of Massachusetts Governor Romney has taken heat in recent days for his comment in the last debate where he spoke about the need to hire more women in his cabinet while leading Massachusetts. “I did a little background and research and I found a report published in April of 2011,” began Hannity, “I discovered that female employees in the White House make 18% less than men and there are more than 25 million women living in poverty.” “This is why the message has been so important to Governor Romney,” explained Healey, “Women carry about the economy and women care about these crushing numbers and we’re starting to see that reflected in the polls.” If you haven’t had a chance to catch up with this story, check out this great article from Business Week.

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Michelle Malkin (born October 20, 1970, née Maglalang) is an American conservative commentator, blogger and author. Her weekly, syndicated column appears in a number of newspapers and websites nationwide. She has been a guest on MSNBC, Fox News Channel, C-SPAN, and national radio programs. Malkin has written four books published by a leading conservative publisher, Regnery.