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Sean's poll number recap

Sean's Poll Number Recap
With only a dozen days to go until Election Day, Sean kicked off Thursday's show by discussing the latest polling data. “This election is causing many of you to have great anxiety," Sean said at the top of the show. "I have people writing me that they can't sleep! I wish I had a crystal ball. I wish I could assure all of you that Romney is going to win Ohio, take Pennsylvania and Michigan. I can see any scenario, just twelve days out from the election, unfolding. I've been living and breathing the political world my whole life and here's objective assessment of how this will play out. This is about a tight an election as you can get. My sense is Ohio is dead even. My sense is that there is a shot Romney can win in Pennsylvania. My sense is that Florida has moved into the Romney column. My sense is that it will be close in Virginia, but Romney will win. My sense is Romney will have a bit of an upset in New Hampshire. My sense is Wisconsin is dead even. Michigan is a wild card and I think Romney has Colorado. However, whoever wins Ohio has a decided advantage of becoming the next president. However, if the turnout of the base of the Democratic party is actually higher than in 2008, like Mark Halperin and others are predicting, then it's going to be a romp - this election is going to be over. So we should all be concerned. It matters that you talk to your neighbors and your friends and maybe get out there and vote early. Maybe even help other people get to the various voting locations." To listen to Sean's complete recap of the latest election news click here.

Who Will Win On Nov. 6th?
Frank Luntz Weighs In Frank Luntz of is known for his enlightening focus groups where people are able to give their opinions on the latest in news and politics. Luntz joined Sean in the show's second hour and explained that over 1,500 people have joined up for each focus group, attempting to join in and give their perspective on the positions from the left and right. Luntz told Sean that he thinks people no longer watch and listen to the news to be informed. They listen to their news station of choice to affirm whatever it is they want to believe. Sean explained to Luntz that his biggest problem with society today is that there is no independence or self reliance. Sean believes that government dependency will be the ultimate demise of our country - one that was built on freedom and independence. Frank talked about Sean's background and explained that Sean came from nothing and has lived out the American dream by becoming successful on his own. Frank and Sean discussed the background of the nation's Judeo-Christian values, and the work ethic associated with that culture. Luntz also gave his opinion of what to expect on Election Day. Luntz believes that Romney will win the popular vote, but that there is a struggle for the electoral vote and right Obama is ahead. Luntz feels that Wisconsin and Ohio are the states that matter and could ultimately decide who our next president will be.

Why Would The White House Lie About Libya?
There is more proof that the highest levels of the U.S. government were told that the Benghazi attack was carried out by an Al Qaeda-linked terrorist, less than two hours after the assault began. That information was included in an e-mail sent by the State Department and officials to nearly 400 members of the Obama administration, including aides that were inside the White House situation room. In other words, the White House was immediately told that Al Qaeda was involved in this horrific event. But for some reason, the president, his secretary of state, didn't want you, the American people, to know the truth. "They wanted us all to think that Al Qaeda died along with Usama bin Laden," said Sean. "So, what do they do? They lied to you, they lied to us and they told us that an American ambassador, the first killed in 30 years, and three of his colleagues were murdered because of a YouTube movie trailer," Sean continued. Sean was joined in studio by Ann Coulter to talk about these recent developments and how they could impact the upcoming election. Click here to watch the whole interview.