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Got gas?

Got Gas?
“For all the talk of how great the government is but people are waiting in line for hours to get gas,” began Hannity, “You might say Obama’s anti-drilling chickens have come home to roost.” “Wouldn’t it be nice if we had some stockpile from our oil reserves,” continued Hannity, “Dwindling gas supplies may go on for another week and the vast majority of New Yorkers might not have power for two weeks, where is everyone?” Reports from the wake of Hurricane Sandy are saying that gasoline for home generators has forced many in the greater New York City area to wait for hours to fill their tanks. “Where are the FEMA generators that we’ve heard so much about, “pressed Hannity, “ Where are Obama’s people while the President tours around with his new friend Chris Christie.” Hannity, upset by the Governor of New Jersey’s latest support for President Obama’s relief efforts, con tinued his attacks on the New Jersey GOP governor. “I’m so ticked off right now,” explained Hannity, “This is related to his election in 2013, I get New Jersey is suffering but the President wanted these tours for no other reason than the election.” For the latest on the storm damage and the increasing concerns over a gas shortage in New York, click here.

The Road to the White House is through Ohio?
Radio talk show host Billy Cunningham joins Sean to talk about next Tuesday and just how important it is. “The excitement in 2000 and 2004 was less than the excitement for Governor Romney,” began Cunningham, “Tens of thousands of people are showing up for rallies, Romney is being under polled and he’ll over deliver.” “I’ve been worried about Ohio,” questioned Hannity, “Three months ago we were together and you said Ohio wasn’t going to happen for Governor Romney, what’s changed.” “Two things changed,” answered Cunningham, “First was the debate where Romney showed he was a plausible alternative and number two was Paul Ryan who brought so much excitement to the area.” “I think the final vote will be 52-47,” an excited Cunningham predicted, “It’s starting to slide and the Obama people can’t stop it.” Rasmussen Reports shows Governor Romney with a 50-48 lead in Ohio and Ohio hasn’t predicted elections wrong since 1960. It could be said that with Ohio goes the election and it’ll be interesting to see how this story turns out.

Or Wisconsin?
Governor Scott Walker “How are things looking from your perspective,” began Hannity, “Every poll I can find has it just about dead even in Wisconsin.” “It is,” plainly answered Governor Walker, “Paul Ryan has been in town the last few days and Wisconsin is the epicenter of this election and I haven’t seen a model out there where Barack Obama wins the Presidency without carrying Wisconsin.” “I think we’ve seen momentum, nobody thought Wisconsin was in play a year ago,” praised Walker, “I think we’ve seen a center-right coalition form and now having a fellow cheese head on the ticket has certainly made a difference.” “I’m hoping,” laughed Hannity, “Paul Ryan is in a democratic district who voted for Obama.” “That’s right and Paul Ryan won his district with 58% I think,” responded Walker, “Ryan has told people in his district exactly what he stands for and still wins with nearly 60%.” There’s no doubt that Wisconsin will be an important part of Tuesday’s story and, though many pundits still think the road to the White House goes through Ohio, there’s a growing majority that think it’ll make at least once stop in Wisconsin. For the latest Rasmussen Polls in Wisconsin, click here.