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Tuesday Predictions

Go Ahead, Make Our Day
Sean was joined by legendary actor and director Clint Eastwood to get his take on the future of America. “You said you wanted to make three points during your remarks at the RNC Convention,” began Hannity, “You said you wanted to; make the point that not everyone is left in Hollywood, that Obama had made a lot of broken promises and lastly that if somebody does a bad job you can fire them.” “I felt like I should just talk from the heart,” offered Eastwood, “Those average citizens who’re wondering why we’re in this situation.” “You summed up how I feel about the last four years of Obama,” praised Hannity, “You said Barack Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.” “There are people, a lot of people, who feel dissatisfied with having voted for him last time,” agreed Eastwood, “I tried to give people the idea that maybe they should think about their alternatives rather than just voting party line, if you have regrets think of somebody else.” The polls recently are showing that many voters are heeding Eastwood’s message as independents seeming are breaking toward Governor Romney in major battleground states like Ohio and Wisconsin. To watch Sean’s interview with Clint Eastwood, click here.

Newt Gingrich
Newt Gingrich is working the media outlets this week promoting his vision for affordable gas prices. “Do you realize that there were people who work for power companies in Alabama who showed up in New York to help and guess what happened,” questioned Hannity, “They’re here to fix things and they were thrown out of the state!” “I heard they were stopped because they weren’t unionized,” offered Gingrich, “One of the things that will come out of this is that we’ll need to overhaul the Department of Homeland Security because it’s too bureaucratic.” Turning to the election, Hannity was curious why Rasmussen has the polls turning 48-48. “In the wake of being with Chris Christie, I think Obama got a two or three day bump,” quickly calmed Gingrich, “I do think in the end, Romney will carry 52 or 53 percent.” The Boston Herald’s Michael Graham pointed out in his column today that Governor Mitt Romney was above fifty percent in Gallup’s last poll before Sandy and that no candidate has ever lost a presidential race when being up above fifty percent. Now is not the time for victory dances though, as Sean has pointed out many times throughout the last few weeks, now is the time for real analysis and sharing your support for Conservative values and those candidates who share them.

Tuesday Predictions with Michael Barone
Michael Barone Resident Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, Michael Barone, stopped by the show to give his thoughts on the impact of Hurricane Sandy. “The fundamentals of this election still favor Mitt Romney,” offered Barone, “People believe that the economy is bad and we’re seeing a common theme that Romney is carrying independents in many of the targeted states.” Barone continued, “If we’re looking at an electorate like 2010, that could be very good for Romney, if it’s like 2008, it might not be enough to overcome Democrat registrations.” “I’m proud of myself,” laughed Hannity, “I’m looking at intensity and I’m seeing places like Ohio really breaking for Romney.” Sean spent some time going back and forth with Barone to predict each of the swing states; you can listen to Barone’s predictions here.