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Hannity: Perspective is Important
“I know because I spoke to a lot of people who are upset,” began Hannity, “The numbers show that we’re a divided nation, almost split right down the middle, but it takes grit, determination and resolve to look inward to see what you can do differently or better.” Hannity continued, “You can’t lose an election like yesterday and not be concerned but that’s not panic, this is a moment of reflection and the reality is that America is changing.” Sean spent the first hour breaking down the numbers and trying to explain how President Obama won. In the end, he used the analogy, “There are some parents who are very permissive, allowing their kids to watch all the TV they want and there is a certain appeal to that parent who’ll give you everything you want and there’s a certain lack of hipness from the parent who says you need to eat your broccoli or you need to reform Medicare.” “America is not t he center-right country that it once was,” concluded Hannity, “There was a moment in time when Winston Churchill, who was viewed as a bit of a nut but eventually England turned to him in their moment of need so we need to recognize the ebb and flow of the political tides and we should all have a little perspective.” Though the results were clearly disappointing for many, including Sean, his opening monologue to today’s show was a real reminder that the work isn’t over and the fight will continue. To listen to Sean’s opening monologue, visit

Frank Luntz
Sean was joined by analyst Frank Luntz who tried to explain how President Obama won last night’s election. “Nobody voted for Barack Obama, they voted against what they thought Mitt Romney was offering them,” began Luntz, “The people who made the choice at the end and the most telling numbers were the ten percent who thought Obama had more empathy.” “Yeah, when I read that only 18% of the exit polls said that they thought Mitt Romney cared about them,” agreed Hannity. “American’s have decided that how they feel is more important than how they feel,” piled on Luntz, “Last night is a confirmation that there are more people in the wagon than pulling it.” “This is a tipping point,” offered Hannity, “In the end, America’s debt will come due and at some point the government will be forced to do what we could’ve done responsibly with far less pain but that won’t happen in t he next four years.” “Conservatives don’t ask enough questions, they need to listen more,” Luntz tried to explain, “The style has changed thanks to the internet, texting, and Americans want to be heard and not just lectured to.” “I don’t think people understand the fundamental choice that is at play here,” agreed Hannity, “So many people have been conditioned to think the government owes them birth control.” For more on Luntz’ work including the infamous focus groups that power the data behind the issues facing America, visit

Ann Coulter: Is Chris Christie to Blame?
Sean was joined by Ann Coulter, who’s infamous for her fondness for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, to explain why Governor Romney couldn’t win election last night. “One thing that irritated me was Governor Christie’s embrace of Barack Obama, I just didn’t understand that,” began Hannity, “Why did he go so far overboard.” “The hurricane did hurt Romney,” conceded Coulter, “It didn’t really matter what Christie did.” “I don’t blame Christie, he had to do it to get federal funding for New Jersey,” explained Coulter, “He had to do it to get the money.” “Then he should’ve just endorsed President Obama,” laughed Hannity, “And be done with it.” “Look, Republicans have taken out one incumbent president in the last hundred years,” continued Coulter, “I think what we’ve seen is the overwhelming power of inc umbency and Republicans should remember that with that comes the power of midterm elections.” Politico’s Maggie Haberman tried to explain in her blog post what exactly Christie’s motives were but it’s pretty obvious, Governor Christie needed President Obama’s support and he got it, at a price.

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Ann Coulter

Ann Hart Coulter (born December 8, 1961) is an American social and political commentator , best-selling author , and syndicated columnist . She frequently appears on television, radio, and as a speaker at public and private events. Well-known for her conservative political opinions and the controversial ways in which she defends them, Coulter has described herself as a polemicist who likes to "stir up the pot" and, unlike "broadcasters," does not "pretend to be impartial or balanced."