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Voter fraud: Is it real?

Congressman John Fleming
“Louisiana Congressman John Fleming told constituents this week ‘If America doesn’t band together to halt America’s fiscal woes and the real danger to our country is our debt’,” Hannity, “I’m getting calls from private business owners who’re telling me they’re going to reduce their debt and just go on cash flow.” “Republicans are going to have the chance to hold the line on this issue,” continued Hannity. Congressman Fleming continued his post-election warnings by telling his constituents not to extend themselves in debt and to make sure they stay as liquid as possible in hopes that those in Washington can sort things out. While the advice might seem to some as painful, it’s worth a strong look. Unlike Washington, we can’t spend more than we take in. For more on Congressman Fleming’s strong criticism of America’s rising debt, visit

Voter Fraud: Is It Real?
Sean was joined by Jay Sekulow and Lanny Davis to discuss the real possibility of voter fraud. “In Philadelphia there were 59 voting districts without one vote for Romney,” began Hannity, “Lanny, do you think that’s possible?” “It’s unlikely but possible,” laughed Davis, “It’s probably impossible.” I appreciate your honestly,” laughed Hannity, “I knew you’d be honest about it.” “Do I think this makes the difference in the election, no I don’t,” began Hannity, “But this tells me that the Philadelphia Inquirer is right and we have a lack of voter integrity.” “We’ve been fighting for integrity in the voter process,” offered Sekulow, “I don’t think Mitt Romney would’ve won the election but this does impact the integrity of our voting process.” This is one of those principled arguments that follow after the fact. To Sean’s point, it’s not likely that the unlikely vote outcomes in Philadelphia or Cleveland would’ve made a difference in the overall outcome but perception is reality and we definitely have a voter integrity issue in American elections.

Judge Andrew Napolitano
Fox News Andrew Napolitano stopped by the show to discuss his new book, “Theodore and Woodrow: How Two American Presidents Destroyed Constitutional Freedom,” a book dedicated to American’s loss of Constitutional freedoms. “I’ve gone over the economic news since the election,” began Hannity, “Last Tuesday, America took another step toward becoming a socialist country.” “It’s pretty easy to conclude that nearly half the country is receiving their livelihood, either from income or welfare, from the other half,” agreed Napolitano, “If you look at Wilson and Roosevelt, these two presidents started individual welfare so that groups and individuals would, for the first time, become dependent on the government and vote to keep that cash coming.” “It took them 100 years to achieve the triumph that they achieved last Tuesday,” continued Napolitano, “But they did.” If you have some time definitely check out Judge Napolitano’s book, “Theodore and Woodrow” and you can begin to trace the rise of government spending and, more importantly, understand how to stop it.” For more on Jude Napolitano's book, click here.