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Israel at war?

Sean's Mission: What Happened in Benghazi?
“You can sense the walls are closing in on the Obama administration,” began Hannity, “The testimony by General Petraeus today was much different than his testimony on September 14th.” Sean continued, “I don’t like the way our Armed Services are being portrayed here but if Petraeus is saying he knew, almost right away that this was a terrorist attack, that’s pretty damning.” “I want to get to the bottom of this,” continued Hannity, “What’s going to make this potentially historic is what role the President had in all of this and the evidence seems to suggest he had to know the truth.” For an excellent timeline of events leading up to today, check out As evidence continues to fall, Sean will continue to press to get the truth. “This is not partisan,” an angry Hannity told his audience on Friday, “We have four dead Americans and we deserve the truth.”

Petraeus Testifies
Sean was joined by Congressmen Peter King and Dana Rohrbacher to get an updated report on the testimony given before the House by former CIA Director General Petraeus. "General Petraeus handled himself in a very classy way but there was a difference in interpretation of what he presented in September, “a frustrated Congressman King told Sean, “Clearly the administration and General Petraeus were saying there was virtually no terrorist impact.” “How is it possible two weeks later that the President couldn’t admit this was a terrorist attack,” a confused Hannity asked, “How is it when we know the CIA was watching this event in real-time?” “I worked in the White House for seven years,” offered Congressman Rohrbacher, “I can tell you the President should’ve known and either the President lied or the CIA, National Security Council and others are incompetent and liars to him.” “If Gene ral Petraeus knew, as he claimed, that this was a terrorist attack within minutes, how did the talking points change,” asked Hannity, “If within 24 hours the CIA station chief in Libya reported that these attacks were carried about by Islamic militant groups, it would be nearly impossible the President didn’t know.” “It would be impossible,” concluded King. “Either the President of the United States is lying or he’s incompetent in the way he organized the CIA,” concluded Rohrbacher. For a breakdown of today’s hearings with General Petraeus, click here.

Israel at War: Will the US Help?
“We are on the brink of war in the Middle East,” a concerned Hannity kicked off his third hour. Fox News reporter on the ground, Leland Vittert for the latest, joined Sean for the latest coverage. “The Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have laser guided missiles now which introduces a whole new range,” explained Vittert, “The Israeli military just recently closed off a large area around here to obviously prep for a large scale ground war.” “The Israeli’s are tired of having missiles fired on them every week,” continued Vittert, “The question going forward is whether the United States talks to Egypt and Hammas.” “At what point is the President going to stand up to the Egyptian Prime Minister who is publicly supporting Hammas,” pressed Hannity, “On top of all this we know that the Iranians are fighting a proxy war by supporting all of these terrorist groups.” “What we’re seeing is the results of the Arab Spring,” concluded Vittert, “Israel is feeling pretty isolated right now.” For more from Leland Vittert watch his latest report from the ground here.

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Peter King

Peter T. King (born April 5, 1944) is a Republican politician from the U.S. state of New York, currently the United States Congressman for the state's 3rd Congressional District. Along with Chris Lee, who represents New York's 26th congressional district, King is one of only two Republicans to represent the state of New York at the federal level. King was considered a possible candidate for United States Senate in 2010, but has decided to run again for his congressional seat. However, in January of 2010, King said he was reconsidering a Senate run.