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Truce in the Middle East?

Truce In Middle East?
Hamas and Israeli officials reportedly were engaged in talks today that would put in place a cease-fire in their week-long conflict. Sean wasn't completely sold. "I don't know if this is going to be a real cease-fire, but in the end, it would be for only one reason - the Iron Dome. The Iron Dome has been so successful that all of these Iranian rockets are being shot out of the sky. So what they're going to do is that they'll just go back to the drawing board and come up with different rocket models so that they can effectively bomb Tel Aviv and every other part of Israel," said Sean. "I think that's the purpose of a truce at this point. Of course the U.S. is sending Hillary Clinton to Egypt, to the Muslim Brotherhood. How much money are we going to promise the Muslim Brotherhood if they just promise to 'be good?' It's just madness," Sean exclaimed.

Susan Rice Controversy Continues
Zerlina Maxwell, a Democratic strategist and contributor to Ebony Magazine and Deneen Borelli, author of the book, "Backlash," joined Sean in the show's second hour to discuss the ongoing controversy surrounding Susan Rice. Sean told Zerlina Maxwell that no one has accused Rice of being uneducated. Many of her critics have said she handled the Benghazi situation inappropriately. In fact, if she is so educated and experienced in foreign affairs you would think that she would have asked more questions, and wanted to understand better where the source of problem originated Sean contended. Instead we have a litany of unanswered questions and four dead Americans who families are left with sadness. We also have a contrived apology from the president and vice president who still don't want to hold people accountable. The cover up, the tragedy in Benghazi and the role the president and his staff, like Rice, have had in this attack continues to grow larger. The timing o f the exposure of General Petraeus and the travel to Australia by Secretary Hilary Clinton is not a coincidence Sean felt. Zerlina predictably supported the Obama Administration and she felt that the attacks on Senators McCain and Graham regarding the request for clarity on Susan Rice's tour on the Sunday shows, was in fact warranted. Borelli told Sean that this is the status quo of the left and that they will always cry foul when there is nothing else to do and no evidence to support their claims of innocence. When in doubt shout racism or sexism, it works every time to distract the American public from the issues Borelli contended. To listen to the entire debate between Maxwell, Borelli and Sean please click here.

Pressuring Iran The Only Path To Peace In The Mideast?
We could be just hours away from Israel launching a ground invasion into Gaza. This as Israelis continue to live in fear. Yesterday alone Hamas fighters launched 95 rockets into Israel. Police say the country's rocket defense system intercepted 29 of them. One hit a school that was luckily unoccupied school at the time. As of tonight, Hamas has launched more than 1,000 rockets over the border. To illustrate just how real the fear is in Israel, the president posted on his Facebook page a home video of a family taking cover in a park in Tel Aviv as they were celebrating a child's birthday. The Israelis continue to aggressively respond. Yesterday marked the sixth day of air strikes into Gaza and Israelis continue to target homes of Hamas activists. Earlier the Israelis launched a missile strike on a media center in Gaza city where reportedly one of their top militants was killed. Sean was joined by Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North, author of the new book, "Heroes Proved," with reaction to the escalating hostility in the Middle East. To watch Sean's entire interview with Col. North, please click here.