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Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Secret Fiscal Cliff Negotiations
Senator Jeff Sessions has made headlines today criticizing President Obama for having secret negotiations surrounding the budget negotiations. Congressmen Randy Forbes and Louie Gohmert joined Sean to talk about this developing story. “The House leadership has put revenue on the table but the President hasn’t put anything,” began Hannity, “A lot of liberals want us to go over the fiscal cliff because they want higher taxes and the added bonus of cutting defense through sequestration.” “They’re going to try and make this a crisis and then tell us they have a solution and we’ll need to vote on it,” offered Forbes, “We’re not in the loop but I don’t think there really is a loop because the President hasn’t put anything up there.” “We can’t be pushed into a last minute deal,” continued Congressman Forbes, “We have, on our shoulder, the greatest responsibility in decades to protect national defense and the principles of our country.” “Look, we may need to agree on additional revenue,” a frustrated Gohmert offered, “This is a fantastic opportunity to tell everybody that we want them to pay their fair share and now we’re demanding a flat tax.” “So a flat tax or a consumption tax,” an intrigued Hannity answered, “Have you talked with the leadership about that?” “I have,” admitted Gohmert, “It’s been discussed.” “It’s going to be close to Christmas, I predict, and we’ll have a press release that talks about a great negotiation and the fiscal cliff has been avoided,” laughed Hannity, “But the real fiscal cliff of dealing with spending won’t have been dealt with.” “That’s happened in the past,” admitted Forbes, “There are many members of Congress who’ll do what I’ll do and j ust vote no, we need to be very careful that we’re not pushed into having a last minute deal that is bad for the American people.” As Sean predicts, it seems that is the direction we’re headed in. To read more about Senator Session’s complaints, click here.

We Need Leaders!
Liberals want the fiscal cliff to be reached, they want to tax everybody,” began Sean on Thursday’s show, “They won’t say so but according to sources, President Obama told Congressman Boehner that tax rates would go up on the wealthy in the New Year.” Sean continued, “Over the next 30 days you’re going to be dragged into believing that this is the real fiscal cliff but it’s not, the real cliff is the limitless spending happening in this country.” “Any final deal will come between President Barack Obama and John Boehner,” continued Hannity, “My audience is too sophisticated to get caught up with phony deals that are bad for America.” “The fiscal cliff, trillion dollar deficits, now that’s a fiscal cliff,” added Sean. While the battle is just beginning to heat up, it’s Sean’s relentless pursuit of open government that will help to shed a spotlight on negotiations and remind our leaders that we’re looking for democracy to work for Americans and not against them. To listen to Sean’s opening rant on the upcoming negotiations, click here.

Ambassador Rice's Future
Sean was joined by Victoria Toensing and Jay Sekulow to discuss the future of Ambassador Susan Rice as she prepares to be appointed to the role of Secretary of State. “The White House has said they’re not ‘particularly concerned if Susan Rice had misled the people’ and now there are signs that there may be a split with Republican votes,” began Sean, “How is this possible?” “The administration operated under this mistaken theory that showing there aren’t problems in these countries,” added Sekulow, “ As you travel around the world, when you pass the consulate in Strasbourg ,France there are Marines with machine guns and yet there was nothing in Benghazi.” “Why shouldn’t the administration say what it wants,” offered Toensing, “The media doesn’t do anything about it and the White House is so cavalier to say that Ambassador Rice would be a good Secretary of State.” &ld quo;I think we were lied to directly,” concluded Hannity, “I hope that Republicans will have the stomach to ask the tough questions that need to be asked.” It’s been so bad for Ambassador Susan Rice that moderate Senator Susan Collins from Maine has publicly stated her reservations toward nominating the besieged diplomat. “I still have many questions,” Collins mentioned in a Q&A session Thursday, “I continue to be troubled by the fact that the ambassador decided to play a political role at the height of the contentious presidential election.” For more on Senator Collins’ interview as well as the possibility of Ambassador Rice’s nomination as Secretary of State, click here.