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Licensed theft?

Unions: Licensed Theft?
Sean was joined by Andy Sullivan, founder of and Steven Crowder, the later of which was the journalist who was recently assaulted by a crowd of angry union supporters at a Right to Work rally in Michigan. “I saw the video of this assault,” began Hannity, “Andy, you saw what happened, I don’t have a problem with unions, I do have a problem when you force people to be members and they shouldn’t be prohibited from working if they don’t want to be a member.” “These people feel that their standard of living is under fire right now,” offered Sullivan in defense of the union workers who assaulted Crowder, “You went down to this rally with an agenda and you wanted to be all over the media, job well done.” “I did go into a violent situation but I was peaceful,” countered Crowder, “You can see people on the video committing felonies; you can see all of that.” “Andy, you said that Steven brought this on himself, but I don’t understand what he did,” questioned Hannity, “How did he incite violence?” “First off, you went down with your microphone,” quickly answered Sullivan, “These guys are defending their livelihood, their lives are in jeopardy, and you’re capitalizing on your anger.” While the debate over whether Crowder incited violence and got what he deserved, you can take a look at the video and judge for yourself.

Pay Up Sean!
Austan Goolsbee, the former Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers for President Obama, joined Sean to talk about the role of unions in America. “Why do we force people to be members of unions they don’t want to be a member of and spend money on campaigns they don’t support,” began Hannity, “It’s like licensed theft.” “I’m not an expert here but I think the issue is that if members get benefits from contract negotiations without having paid membership then it’s sort of a free ride,” countered Goolsbee, “I’m not an expert but I think that’s what many argue.” Switching gears, Goolsbee was critical of Hannity for not delivering on his Election Day bet. “I’m calling your credit agency and reporting you because you’re 36 days delinquent,” laughed Goolsbee, “You still owe me a steak dinner.” “I’ll send you a Ruth’s Chris gift cert ificate card,” laughed Hannity. “No, you’re taking me to dinner,” countered Goolsbee. “You have to tell me secrets about Obama,” pushed Hannity.

Was There A Scorecard?!
Sean was joined by Michigan Congressman Justin Amash who was recently released from the Budget and Financial Services committee. “There’s a rumor that conservatives in the Republican Caucus are being purged by leadership from committee assignments,” began Hannity, “Congressman, do you have some news to report on this?” “Several of us sent a letter to Speaker Boehner and he responded that there were no single criteria,” answered Amash, “The conversations I’ve had with leadership was that there was a scorecard and I got a 0.” “I’d like to see their scorecard,” continued Amash, “It seems that those who voted for less government go low scores and those who voted for more government were given positive scores.” “This is now hitting a critical mass,” a frustrated Hannity continued, “You weren’t elected to be a carbon copy of the Democratic party, I’m not overl y optimistic but we’ll see what happens. To listen to Sean’s full interview, click here.