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In God we trust

In God We Trust
A Sean favorite Rose Tennent stopped by to carry the show for a vacationing Sean and spent the first hour reminding listeners why our money is inscribed with the words, “In God We Trust.” Do you know why it’s there? “Our money was designed to remind us each time we spend it,” began Tennent, “This bill is powerful but it’s not hear where our trust should be.” The history is simple and yet offers a stark similarity to our generation. During the Civil War, the country was going through the most horrible war in American history and finding itself increasingly spiritual. One minister from Pennsylvania wrote to the Secretary of Treasury detailing a new coin that would pay honor to God and to which “no possible citizen could object.” “Each year shows challenges of their own,” offered Tennent, “We should prepare to each meet challenge with grace, courage and trust.” “More and m ore people have put their trust in Government,” continued Tennent , “Instead of where it ought to lie.” While there is a movement to remove these words from our currency, the good news is that any such move would be met with a lot of friction. Plus, according to the US Mint, the average life span of a coin is 25 years! For more on the history of our coins and the motto, “In God We Trust”, click here or listen to Rose’s entire monologue, here.

Borelli: Blacklash
Rose was joined by Deneen Borelli, author of the book “Blacklash” to discuss Adolph Reed’s NY Times op-ed piece where he criticized South Carolina’s Governor Nikki Haley’s appointment of Congressman Tim Scott to the United States Senate because of Scott’s politics not being in line with African-American desires. “He said that Scott’s politics are utterly at odds with most black Americans,” an amazed Tennent offered, “But then he listed the preferences and said it was wrong that Scott was staunchly anti-tax.” “I don’t believe most black Americans want more taxes,” Tennent asked of Borelli. “Clearly individuals, who are in, what I call the black liberal establishment, don’t want the message of prosperity to be communicated.” “You have this echo chamber of the same message over and over again,” continued Borelli, “This message that blacks need spec ial treatment and this message is absolutely wrong and I implore all Americans to push back.” “America is an exceptional country and anybody can succeed,” ended Borelli,” I didn’t let anybody dictate my future and if you work hard opportunities will open up for you.” For a little inspiration in these troubled economic times, check out Borelli’s book, “ Blacklash”, you won’t be disappointed. “We need a voice like yours,” praised Tennent, “You’re beautiful both inside and out and I thank you for your book because it’s very powerful and it’s very much needed right now.”

Violence is the New Cocaine
Rose was joined by Reverend Franklin Graham to discuss the violence we’ve seen in 2012 and what we need to do to stop it. “We are sickened over this, our culture that is filled with such violence,” offered, “I thank God for the men and women in this nation who will fight for what’s good and right.” “We have a spiritual problem in this nation, “continued, “We’ve taken God out of our government as best they can and I believe we’ve made a great mistake and now we are focused on violence, violence has become the new cocaine.” “You’re right,” agreed Tennent, “A friend of mine, who is a psychologist, reminded me that video games actually give extra points for shooting people in the face!” “That’s absolutely right,” agreed Graham,” America needs to be healed, we need our hearts healed and they’ll be healed one heart at a time with God if w e’re willing to accept him.” “You’re absolutely right,” agreed Tennent, “We must mutually pledge to each other our lives and our fortunes to one another and going into this new year we need to have that faith.” As we look to 2013, keeping in mind those who've sacrificed their lives to senseless violence will be important if we want to make sure that history doesn't repeat itself. For more on the Reverend Franklin Graham's biography and the latest that he's working on, click here.