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Washington Incompetence

Incompetence In Washington
Guest host Mark Simone took the Hannity airwaves on Friday, opening the show by discussing the ongoing fiscal cliff discussions {Article} in Washington. "I really feel like the reason nothing gets done in Washington is because of lack of leadership," Simone explained. "You look at all these politicians, on both sides of the aisle, and you see a lot of incompetence. They're not exactly the sharpest business minds in the world. You wonder with more than 300 million people in this country, can't we find some better people [for Congress]? If you watch the Fox Business Channel during the day you'll see all these smart CEO's come on and talk. They're geniuses...they're brilliant, articulate and can solve problems in seconds. The problem is guys in the private sector would never enter politics for fear of being smeared and trashed by the media," said Simone. Simone described how even Steve Jobs had wanted to go into politics at one point, but in the end decided not to because of some personal issues he had had in the past that he was afraid would be brought up while campaigning. "Because of that we lost this great, brilliant guy who didn't end up running for public office," added Mark.

GOP: 'We Have Acted. The Senate Has Not'
The amount of time left before America goes over the "fiscal cliff" can now be measured in mere hours. House lawmakers have been called back for Washington and Sean will return this Sunday night. President Obama met with Congressional leaders today but it does not appear that any deal has been reached. Even though President Obama cut his wine vacation short, flew back to Washington today, he didn't seem too worried while playing his 108, 109th and 110th round of golf since the start of his presidency, and of course hitting the gym over the Christmas holidays. Sean has said from the very beginning that the president wants to convince the American people that he will do everything in his power to stop the U.S. from going over this cliff. Unfortunately, that has never been the case. The president and his Democratic allies are hoping that we do go over the "fiscal cliff," and Sean made the contention that this has been their plan from day one. Why would Democrats send us over the cliff intentionally you ask? This would give the Democrats everything they want. Democrats would get to raise taxes on every American. They will would get massive defense cuts that they have always dreamed of and to top it all off, they would also get to place the blame squarely on the shoulders of Republican lawmakers. To watch Sean's full take on the current status of the fiscal cliff negotiations, please click here.

Could Spending Cut Medicine Make Deficit Illness Worse? contributor Rick Ungar joined Mark Simone in the show's second hour to discuss the fiscal cliff debacle. Ungar told Mark that people on both sides of the aisle could probably come to an agreement that the United States has a spending problem. "But here's where it gets difficult," Ungar explained. "We have to be conscious of where we cut off the spigot because if we do it at the wrong time, certainly given the realities of the economy right now, you could end up causing more harm than good. Do we in the long term have to figure out how to cut spending? Yes, there is no question about it. I think we have to be cautious or the medicine could make the illness much worse," Ungar advised. To listen to Simone's entire conversation with Ungar, please click here.

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