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Cliff's Eve?

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Unions: Licensed Theft?
Sean was joined by Andy Sullivan, founder of and Steven Crowder, the later of which was the journalist who was recently assaulted by a crowd of angry union supporters at a Right to Work rally in Michigan. "I saw the video of this assault," began Hannity, "Andy, you saw what happened, I don't have a problem with unions, I do have a problem when you force people to be members and they shouldn't be prohibited from working if they don't want to be a member." "These people feel that their standard of living is under fire right now," offered Sullivan in defense of the union workers who assaulted Crowder, "You went down to this rally with an agenda and you wanted to be all over the media, job well done." "I did go into a violent situation but I was peaceful," countered Crowder, "You can see people on the video committing felonies; you can see all of that." "Andy, you said that Steven brought this on himself, but I don't understand what he did," questioned Hannity, "How did he incite violence?" "First off, you went down with your microphone," Sullivan answered quickly, "These guys are defending their livelihood, their lives are in jeopardy, and you're capitalizing on your anger." While the debate over whether Crowder incited violence and got what he deserved, you can take a look at the video and judge for yourself.

Fiscal Cliff Talks = Groundhog Day
Bob Woodward, author of "The Price of Politics," joined Sean to discuss his latest book as well as the ongoing fiscal cliff discussions. "Price of Politics" is an intimate, documented examination of how President Obama and the highest profile Republican and Democratic leaders in the United States Congress attempted to restore the American economy and improve the federal government's fiscal condition over three and one half years. Woodward told POLITICO that the fiscal cliff talks are like the movie "Groundhog Day." "It's Groundhog Day: The question is, who's playing Bill Murray? It's such a repetition: It's the same players, at the same seats, at the same table." To hear what Woodward said to Sean please click here to listen.

Defending the Hot Dog Man
Sean was joined by Clint Tarver, an eyewitness whose hot dog cart was destroyed during the melee in Michigan at the Right to Work rally. "Clint, what happened, you were on the ground and could tell us what happened," began Hannity, "What happened?" "They destroyed my equipment and told me I was on the wrong side," sadly reported Tarver, "I was just there to do a job and nobody bothered to find out why I was there, I was a little angry but I don't retaliate, I can always buy new stuff." "How many people did this to you," asked Hannity, "How many people were calling you the N-word?" "They came in a line across the tent and it was a pretty big tent," explained Tarver, "They were destroying everything." "I lost nearly $500," explained Tarver, "They didn't bother to figure out." "Nobody should be called the names you should be called and I'm sorry you had to go through this," supported Hannity, "I'm going to give you $1,000 to recover your expenses and because nobody should be treated the way you were." If you'd like to learn more about Clint Tarver and to offer your assistance, click here.