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Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Debt Ceiling Debate Is Coming
Sean kicked off Thursday’s show with a recap of the upcoming debt-ceiling fight and Karl Rove’s take on the situation. “President Obama said, during his campaign in 2004 that ‘America has a spending problem and a problem with leadership’,” laughed Hannity, “That was back when we were at $6 trillion in debt.” “We have 16 now and we’re on our way to 22,” laughed Hannity in amazement, “Rove talked about it today but that’s just arrogant.” Rove was very vocal in his assessment of the upcoming debt-ceiling debate and what Republicans need to do to reclaim the high ground. “Republicans need to remain united around the Boehner Rule, named after its author, which requires matching any debt increase with a dollar for dollar spending cut,” wrote Rove, “But with control of just one chamber, Republicans won’t be able to advance much-needed structural changes so, for now, they&r squo;ll have to make Mr. Obama take ownership of his deficits and the debt he’s amassed.” For more on Mr. Rove’s assessment and what the GOP will have to do, click here.

Lanny Davis and Jay Sekulow
Former Clinton advisor Lanny Davis and ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow stop by to discuss the future of gun control in America. “The President and Vice President Biden are trying to use Executive Order to implement gun control legislation,” began Hannity, “The 2nd Amendment is under attack.” “I don’t like this,” agreed Lanny Davis, “I think you need to go to Congress and state your case and 70%-80% of Americans believe in tough regulations on assault rifles.” “The right to bear arms is constitutional protected as is the right to do background checks on those people,” fired back Sekulow, “So the idea that we’re going to regulate this problem out of existence misses the point completely.” “The President has said if only one life is saved, then it’s worth it,” argued Hannity, “If that’s the case, we could ban cars and save lives in the first five minutes and it se ems the President is just going after the 99.9% of the people who’re law abiding citizens.” For more on Vice President Biden’s plans, click here.

Goodbye To A Legend
Neil Boortz Legendary radio personality Neil Boortz joined Sean to talk about his last day as a host. “You saved my career once,” laughed Boortz, “There are a few stories that will never be told and that’s one of them.” “I made you a promise that, for the rest of your life, I wouldn’t tell that story,” laughed Hannity, “The radio waves are going to miss you and we’ve become really good friends, you’re not the easiest person to get to know, it’s shocking how shy you are.” “I am extremely shy,” laughed Boortz, “You can throw me into a room of people and I just want to hide behind a curtain.” In typical Boortz style, this radio legend isn’t leaving without one last word. “Maybe I Should Just Shut Up and Go Away,” hit stores in Mid-December and covers Boortz’ entire career and some hilarious stories that only Boortz could tell. For more on this grea t book, click here.

Show Guests

Jay Sekulow

Jay Alan Sekulow (born June 10, 1956 in Brooklyn, New York) is an American attorney and radio talkshow host. He currently serves as Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), a conservative religious organization founded by evangelist Pat Robertson to oppose the American Civil Liberties Union, as well as serving as Chief Counsel of the European Centre for Law and Justice.