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Is America safe?

Sean kicked off Thursday’s show with an update on the unsafe diplomacy in the Middle East and an update on the attacks in Algeria. “There are seven kidnapped hostages and apparently hostages in another attack are now ‘man caused incident,” acknowledged Hannity, “For those of you who are upset that your tax dollars are going to the Muslim Brotherhood, a known terrorist organization, President Obama’s Egyptian Brotherhood Ally Mohamed Morsi is now saying that his anti-semitic comments he made recently were taken out of context.” “You have to take it in the proper context when you refer to the Israeli’s as warmongers, blood suckers and descendants of apes,” laughed Sean, “And we’re giving this lunatic $1.5 billion dollars.” The Middle East has changed a lot since our initial involvement over ten years ago but certainly comments like those from President Morsi and attacks in Algeria remind us th at the Middle East and Northern Africa remain far from safe for Americans and our allies. For more on the issues in Algeria, click here.

Senator Marco Rubio
Senator Marco Rubio Florida Senator Marco Rubio joined Sean to defend the 2nd Amendment in the wake of President Obama’s latest gun control initiatives. “I definitely have questions about whether the President is truly committed to the Second Amendment,” offered Rubio, “I don’t think they’ll ever repeal the Second Amendment but I am worried that the left will see how much they can infringe upon it.” “Not one measure they mentioned yesterday would’ve prevented the incidents in Connecticut,” noted Hannity, “Isn’t that amazing?” Rubio quickly agreed saying, “The impetus for all of this is the shooting in Connecticut, that’s what led to this, but it appears to me that these proposals are all things that the President has wanted to do and now the political climate is right to do them.” There is little doubt that the Second Amendment is under fire and while the goal of preventing anoth er mass killing is honorable, our leaders should be focused on doing just that. For more on Senator Rubio’s thoughts on gun control legislation, check out this article from

Defending Yourself
Sean was joined by Vince Guerra and his son who, at age 15, was involved in a burglary-gone-bad incident where two teenagers broke into his home. Home alone with his younger sister, Vince Guerra, the son of a police officer, took his father’s automatic rifle and shot the intruders. Details of the incident are here but suffice it to say that this is yet another story where guns actually saved lives. “This kid actually saved himself and his sister,” praised Hannity, “But you won’t hear this story in the liberal media anywhere.” “There are far too many of these incidents where people have legal firearms and are able to protect their families,” continued Hannity, “Walk us through what happened this day.” “It was a normal day and all of a sudden I heard some noise like moving furniture and I went to check and I noticed there were two people taking stuff,” replied Vincent, “From there, I grabbed his rifle and loaded it because I didn’t know if these gentlemen were armed.” “Did your father teach you to use the weapon,” asked Hannity? “He did,” repli ed Guerra, “He taught me when to use it and when not to.” “This was smart to teach your son to use a weapon,” praised Hannity, “That’s always smart when you have weapons in the house.” “Not to my surprise but after these guys were shot we haven’t had a break-in,” the elder Guerra offered, “The neighborhood is safer.” Yet another anecdotal story of a gun protecting someone but, added up, these stories really make for a stronger debate. Can guns actually make us safer? The Guerra family certainly thinks so.

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Marco Rubio

From 2000-2008, Rubio served in the Florida House of Representatives. During this period, he served as Majority Whip, Majority Leader and Speaker of the House, effectively promoting an agenda of lower taxes, better schools, a leaner and more efficient government and free market empowerment. During his legislative career, Rubio also promoted efforts to develop a world-class public school curriculum, increase performance-based accountability, enhance school choice and target the socio-economic factors affecting chronic academic underperformance. At the end of his tenure as Speaker, Rubio resumed his law practice as a sole practitioner. He has also served as a visiting professor at Florida International University's Metropolitan Center, worked as Florida Chairman of GOPAC and as a political analyst for Univision during the 2008 election cycle. Senator Rubio currently serves on the Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation , the Committee on... More >