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No budget, no pay

GOP’s Debt Limit Maneuver
Sean spent some time this week focused on the GOP Debt Ceiling Plan which was released earlier. “I was skeptical in the beginning thinking that the Republicans were giving in already,” opened Sean, “But once this was explained to me, this made a lot more sense.” Though there are more specific details, the general outline of the agreement is that the House will vote to increase the debt ceiling in exchange for the Senate voting for a budget. In addition, and this is the teeth of the deal, legislators wouldn’t be able to collect their pay. “What you’ve seen the last two years is that those of us in the House have been negotiating with ourselves,” laid out Arizona Congressman David Schweikert, “We have a Senate, right now, who refused to do its job.” “They just haven’t acted,” added Oregon Congressman Greg Walden, “This reminds me of the old Jimmy Buffet song ‘if the phone doesn’t ring it must be me’, that’s what it’s like waiting for the Senate and a budget.” The beauty of this GOP plan is that it does acknowledge the pressing need to raise the debt ceiling to pay government expenses while giving real teeth to the legislation by withholding pay. While there are many motivating factors for Congress, money is certainly among the most motivating. You can see Sean’s entire interview with Congressmen Schweikert and Walden here.

Debt Ceiling Negotiations: Not Necessarily Bad
On the heels of Sean’s praise for the GOP Debt Limit negotiation, he’s not fully convinced the GOP has what it takes to stand up to the liberal wall. “As the President lays out his leftist liberal agenda, the GOP is insisting that the Senate pass a budget in exchange for the debt ceiling,” began Hannity, “Is that smart?” Coming into the conversation, former presidential candidate and conservative pundit Pat Buchanan agreed arguing, “The Republicans have to stand their ground on taxes because they’re in a tough situation and I think, in the long run, if Obama continues down the road of trillion dollar deficits and they don’t deal with entitlements, Obama will end up being Herbert Hoover if he doesn’t do anything about it.” “The Republicans need to stand their ground and not give them tax increases,” stressed Buchanan, “This will happen unless President Obama realizes that his place in history will go right down the tubes if our economy collapses.” With Americans reeling from the loss of a few of the Bush tax cuts, it should be interesting to see where these negotiations end up. Hopefully the GOP leadership will stand firm on principles, the debate should be interesting. To hear Sean’s complete interview with Patrick J Buchanan, click here.

Liberal Media Strikes Again
Michelle Malkin and Ryan Grim join Sean to discuss the media bias in the presidential inauguration. “I stayed as far away from DC as possible,” laughed Malkin, “The White House Press Corps did a fabulous job of reporting who was wearing what.” “People in poverty don’t care about who was wearing what,” asked Grim, “People in poverty are only interested in getting their food stamps, look, people in poverty care about the same things that everybody else does!” “You’re saying that people are struggling at home are trying to live vicariously through the Obama’s,” asked Hannity, “You really think they’re doing that?” “Absolutely,” quickly and shortly answered Grim, “There are those that absolutely care.” “Those of us on the right want everybody to aspire to a better life,” explained Malkin, “The bottom line is that the policies this man espo uses denies people that opportunity.” “Let me give you an example of the difference in coverage between the 2005 inauguration,” offered Hannity as he set the stage for his bottom line, “In 2005 Diane Sawyer criticized the cost of the inauguration questioning that ‘in a time of war and natural disaster, is this the right time for an extravagant celebration.” So, four years later, not a peep from the liberal media who so viciously attacked President Bush. Surprised? Sean’s not.

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