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Bad economy prevents immigration

The Economy Sucks
The President made headlines with a proposal which would make it easier for illegal immigrants to become US citizens. Through the course of his remarks, the President boasted that illegal border crossings were down 80% in 2012.” “Do you want to know why crossings are down 80%, Mr. President, because the economy sucks,” said Hannity bluntly, “There are fewer jobs and less opportunity so illegal immigrants decided it would be better to stay where they are.” “This is about national security,” continued Hannity, “People cross the border for a better opportunity but so to then can terrorists and drug dealers.” Check out Fox News for more information on President Obama’s proposals and Congressional reaction.

Congress vs. White House
Immigration attorney Francisco Hernandez and Director of Research for the Center for Immigration Studies, Steven Camarota, debate the principle of securing the border. “Senator Rubio says it’s a deal breaker if we don’t secure the border first,” began Hannity, “Is this a deal breaker?” “Yes, it’s a deal breaker,” acknowledged Hernandez. “President Obama’s proposal is a gimmick, it’s amnesty first with the promise that the Obama administration will enforce the law,” argued Camarota, “On day one, everybody gets the provisional status and can stay in that status.” “That’s not true,” debated Hernandez, “We haven’t seen the proposal, we haven’t seen what’s coming out of the conference committees.” While Mr. Hernandez is right, the debate is strengthening and Sean intends to do his part to make sure the debate includes strong provisions for protecting America’s borders.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio:It Must Begin With Border Control
Florida Senator Marco Rubio joined Sean to criticize President Obama’s recent plan to allow a path for 11 million illegal immigrants to have an easy path to citizenship in the United States. “I get just as many people who come to my office who say ‘I have relatives who’ve waited in line and done things the right way’,” offered Rubio, “Why should we allow anyone who hasn’t done it the right way to leap-frog those who have.” “The bottom line is, if there is measurable security of the border, you would agree to move forward,” pressed Hannity on the details of Rubio’s opposition. “All you’re doing is allowing people to apply for the regular green card system,” agreed Rubio, “We can’t have a bidding war to see who can make an easier path to citizenship.” “I get so angry because the Democrats use the race card all the time,” continued Hannity, “Is it fai r to say that there’s a lot of distrust knowing that, politically, the Democrats would like to beat up Republicans that they’re racist.” “The devil is in the details and there are some honest disagreements,” cautioned Rubio, “There are those on the left who want this as an issue and I hope that’s not the case for the President.” “It’s rarely been discussed but this is a national security issue,” closed Hannity, “I’ve been out with the border patrol and it’s dangerous.” In typical Hannity fashion a complicated issue is broken down into its simplest parts. What Congress and the President are debating is not legislation that would ban immigrants from coming to the United States but rather a law that would protect our security while giving people a chance to experience the American Dream. Hopefully we don’t spend away that opportunity for everyone. To hear more from Sean and Sen ator Rubio, click here.

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Marco Rubio

From 2000-2008, Rubio served in the Florida House of Representatives. During this period, he served as Majority Whip, Majority Leader and Speaker of the House, effectively promoting an agenda of lower taxes, better schools, a leaner and more efficient government and free market empowerment. During his legislative career, Rubio also promoted efforts to develop a world-class public school curriculum, increase performance-based accountability, enhance school choice and target the socio-economic factors affecting chronic academic underperformance. At the end of his tenure as Speaker, Rubio resumed his law practice as a sole practitioner. He has also served as a visiting professor at Florida International University's Metropolitan Center, worked as Florida Chairman of GOPAC and as a political analyst for Univision during the 2008 election cycle. Senator Rubio currently serves on the Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation , the Committee on... More >