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Sean's take on Super Bowl XLVII

Sean's Take On Super Bowl XLVII
Last night's Super Bowl, power outage and all, sure was a great one. It ended up becoming the most watched Super Bowl of all time and Sean couldn't have been happier. Why? Because he was there! Sean, down in Florida to watch some of the Davis Cup tennis tournament with his fourteen year old son, was able to snag some tickets on StubHub and attended what turned out to be a fantastic game. "Super Bowl games are too often anti-climactic. But that was not the case yesterday. What an incredible experience. The restaurant I ate at actually had chicken wings dipped in Bloody Mary mix. They were awesome! They had alligator on the table but I stayed away from that," Sean joked. Sean drew an analogy from his "super-experience" to real life. "Why I love sports so much, is that it really does mirror life. You're gonna win, lose, deal with nice people and jerks. The harder you work the better you do in athletics. Nothing is for free. You can't cheat the system," said Sean. Sean tweeted out a whole bunch of behind the scenes photos while he was at the game last night. To check 'em out join Sean on Twitter @SeanHannity.

Scott Pelley Obama Interview
Sean never stops working. Never. Even when he was in New Orleans to watch the Super Bowl he managed to steal enough time to watch Scott Pelley';s interview with President Obama. "The interview was essentially another free infomercial for the president from CBS," Sean said sarcastically. "There is something that is going on that I find fascinating. For decades it was always Republicans accused of using social issues in the country. Abortion, homosexuality, guns as the "wedge issues." The argument from the left was that Republicans were imposing their views, their morality on the rest of the nation and that conservatives were dividing the country by focusing on issues that were highly sensitive and politically explosive. But here we are in 2013 and things have been reversed. Who are the aggressors now in the so-called culture issues?" Sean asked rhetorically. "The answer is Barack Obama and the Democratic Party. The one thing you can say about Obama's team out of Chicago is that they are very slick and shrewd when it comes to influencing where the direction of the debate in the country is going. So far they've been pretty successful. All of the stuff Obama is talking about - climate change, guns - isn't anything he ran on!" said Sean. To watch Pelley's infomercial/interview with Obama click here.

Obama's Worst Week Ever?
Only two weeks into his final term President Obama managed already to have his worst week ever and it is all thanks to his inability to get a handle on the economy. On "Hannity" guest host Eric Bolling ran down a few examples. Last Wednesday, reports emerged that the economy contracted for the first time in more than three years. On Thursday we learned that applications for jobless benefits jumped by more than 38,000 in a week, topping out at 368,000. This news coincidentally came the same day team Obama announced it was disbanding its jobs council. The icing on the cake hit Friday morning when we learned the unemployment rate is back up to 7.9 percent, and that number could easily be well over 10 percent if the Labor Department didn't play with the numbers to suit the left wing narrative. Bolling was joined with reaction by radio talk show hosts Hugh Hewitt and Leslie Marshall. You can watch the entire conversation by clicking here.

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