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No pale pastels here

No Pale Pastels!
“I said the other day that Republicans need power and I said the only way they would get power is to unite,” Sean said to kick off Wednesday’s show, “Republicans are fighting amongst themselves and Obama is loving it, which is why the President is throwing up one wedge issue after another.” “There hasn’t been discipline as far as Republicans getting behind simple conservative issues and standing together,” continued Hannity, “I think the messaging issue is simple, stop stealing from future American generations.” “It’s not that hard,” ended Hannity, “Keep it simple, stupid. It’s not that complicated!” “Where my fear is in all of this is that there is a battle among establishment RHINO Republicans and Tea Party candidates,” warned Hannity, “If this doesn’t get solved, you are in the process of seeing the emergence of a 3rd party.” “Reagan rhetorically raised the question, is it a 3rd party we need or a revitalized second party we need,” pushed Hannity, “We need a party with ‘no pale pastels but bold colored differences’.” Sean, invoking President Reagan’s famous Pale Pastels speech was aptly critical of the direction of the Republican Party. Click here to watch the remarkably inspirational address that President Reagan gave to the Young Americans for Freedom in 1975.

Enhanced Interrogation = Torture?
John Hlinko, founder of Left Action, and talk show host David Webb joined Sean to battle over the enhanced interrogation torture. “I’m sure you were against enhanced interrogation, Hlinko, weren’t you,” laughed Hannity, “And I bet you called it torture.” “I was,” answered Hlinko, “But there are two different things, we complained about enhanced interrogation and torture but we’re not saying that we shouldn’t go after people that attacked us.” “The Left has excoriated President Bush for enhanced interrogation but they’re all for dropping bombs with drone strikes,” pushed Hannity referring to the debate that’s brewing over the use of drones in oversees counter-intelligence efforts. “I would disagree,” offered Hlinko, “I won’t back the Obama Administration on that one, I think there definitely needs to be an imminent threat.” “The legal definit ion of torture is a political term attached to enhanced interrogation,” offered Webb, “It was never attached to torture, period, and end of story.” With President Obama’s nomination of John O. Brennan to the position of C.I.A director, the use of drones and torture becomes a hot topic once again. For more on this, click here.

GOP Needs Leadership
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor stopped by the show to talk about the Republican’s identity crisis. “You talked yesterday about how the Republican Party is going through an identity crisis, a communication crisis,” began Hannity, “What did you mean?” “We talked yesterday about how we can improve people’s lives by not relying on the government,” quickly answered Cantor. “What do you think you haven’t been doing,” pressed Hannity, “It really struck me that you thought Republicans needed to do a better job with communication.” “If you take our fiscal approach, don’t spend money you don’t have, are beliefs that most Americans hold,” offered Cantor, “What we need to do is launch an agenda that puts forth bills that actually help people.” “Barack Obama is in the business of trying to destroy you guys,” offered Hannity, “Do you agree that he want s to do that?” “This President leads by trying to divide people,” agreed Cantor, “There’s no question that we need to stand proud for our conservative principles because we know that this President’s principles will lead this country closer and closer to bankruptcy.” “Knowing that, many in the leadership aren’t rallying around a conservative agenda,” pushed Hannity, “If you don’t move then Obama gets nothing.” “We have a few issues at work including our fiscal issues that are facing us,” argued Cantor, “We are going to insist that liberals do something about spending or we will hold in a unified way to get that done.” For more on this and Congressman Cantor’s remarks, click here.