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Mountain manhunt

Mountain Manhunt
California authorities say the whereabouts of a fugitive former Los Angeles police officer suspected in three murders remains a mystery as thousands of officers continue to search for the suspect across three states and into Mexico. Christopher Jordan Dorner, 33, is considered extremely dangerous and armed with multiple weapons, authorities say. He is accused of killing a college basketball coach and her fiance last weekend, then following through on a vow to kill police by opening fire Wednesday night on three officers, killing one. Sean spoke with former LAPD detective Mark Fuhrman in the show's second hour about the manhunt. "If [Dorner] keeps this up for much longer, he can easily slip underground. Law enforcement is going to have to make the determination to break down the tactical alert, because it's possible he might have committed suicide, or he's out of the country or he could be dead center in the middle of Los Angeles because he has planned this and he has slip ped back to where he wants to be after he [ditched his truck]." Fuhrman cautioned. "He is pretty brazen and he's not afraid. He has already given the indication in his manifesto that he won't be around to hear his name cleared. That's how far removed his is [from reality]. It's almost like he's living in a Bourne Identity movie." For the latest news on the hunt for Christopher Dorner please click here.

Northeast Prepares For Major Blizzard
"From Bridgeport, CT to Boston, MA this is going to be a super storm," meteorologist Joe Bastardi of told Sean. "In New York City it won't be as bad as it will be the further north and east you travel. We haven't had a major blizzard in two years. It's going to be very windy, it's going to be snowing to beat the band. If you have to be out, just drive slowly and take your time," Bastardi advised. Over two feet of snow is a strong possibility in the Boston area, with 30 inches or more not out of the question. The storm has potential to be the city's most prolific snow-producer on record, surpassing the 27.5 inches recorded during the February 17-18, 2003 storm. For the latest news on winter storm 'Nemo' please click here

Is John Brennan Committed To Fighting Radical Jihadists?
Controversial comments from John Brennan's past are now raising concerns about his commitment to the country's national security. Back in 2009, President Obama's nominee to head the CIA who currently serves as the White House's top counter-terror advisor refused to admit that we are even fighting a war on terrorism. "We are not at war against terror because terror is a state of mind," Brennan was quoted as saying in November of 2010. "Good grief," said Sean. Senators James Risch and Mike Lee joined Sean to discuss Brennan's controversial statements on terrorism. "It's a little philosophical for me, I'd rather see somebody who was actually interested in killing terrorists and keep him out of America and out of our way," said Risch, an intelligence committee member. "These are hardly mainstream beliefs Sean, and hardly something that we would come to expect of our nation's top intelligence officer. And so, this is a very significant concern and with good reason," Senator L ee added. To watch the entire discussion with Sean and both Senators, please click here.