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What is the State of the State?

State of the State
It’s comical to hear the left talk about our “budget deficit” problem when they are the problem. It’s the left who spend twice what they bring in, they’re the ones who get their power from the dependency of the people but we won’t hear any of that tonight. Dr. Elizabeth Vliet wrote a great article on Obama Care where she wrote ‘the political promises fall like dominos” and she’s absolutely right. The one time they’ve tried to cut even a little out of government, through sequestration, Obama is now against it. You know were else there were a lot of promises? Those in Greece and Spain had a lot of promises made to them. I believe it’s best described by Margaret Thatcher when she said, “Socialism is great until you’re out of other people’s money.” Tonight, we’ll see the most polarizing president in modern history who will promote alienation and be confrontational. The President has thrived off this and his approach tonight will be to try and destroy the opposition. This would be fully consistent with President Obama’s presidency and, according to those who know him, the President is more confrontational than in his first term because he no longer needs to hide himself. So, keep a watch out tonight for the partisan rhetoric and I’ll be on TV after the speech to point this out. See you tonight!

Outrageous Statement of the Day
Last night on the program I had Charlie Rangel on to discuss a whole host of issues including taxes. I asked him to answer the following question: Out of every dollar earned by someone in New York City, how much of that dollar should someone be allowed to keep? Rangel is good, and never really answered the question. But amidst all of that, he managed to come out with a statement that is quite alarming if he believes it to be true: "If you really take a look at the rich people that we have in this country, most of them don't pay any taxes at all." I hope that Rangel was just using hyperbole to make an ill-conceived point on fairness. The fact is that the vast majority of rich people in this country pay taxes in some form whether it be on income or capital gains. Let’s just focus on rich millionaires and billionaires for a minute. IRS da ta from 2009 finds that there were 1,470 millionaires or billionaires who paid no taxes that year. As shocking as that number may be, it represents less than 1% of the tax returns claiming a million dollars or more. So 99% of millionaires and billionaires are paying taxes according to the Tax Policy Center. I am not saying that it is right that these people are not paying taxes, even using legal means, but I find it outrageous for the head of the House Ways and Means Committee to say that most rich people don’t pay any taxes at all.

Democrat Messaging on Spending
Democrats can’t seem to get it together when it comes to spending. Yesterday I pointed out House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s absurd comment that it is “almost a false argument to say that we have a spending problem.” We are expected to generate record revenue this year, and yet we will still have almost a $1 trillion deficit. That sounds like a spending problem to me, not a revenue problem. To save face from this blatantly absurd comment , White House spokesman Jay Carney responded yesterday, “Of course, the President believes that we have a spending problem.” But just recently we have John Boehner tell us that during the fiscal cliff negotiations, President Obama told him flat out: “We don’t have a spending problem.” I’m inclined to believe this, considering that Barack Obama once said that America’s greatness comes from government spending. So they will brush spending cuts aside, call for more spending and then call it “hostage-taking” when the Republicans refuse to raise taxes to pay for that spending. This allows Democrats to make the Republicans out to be the bad guys, bypassing the real issue which is the fact that we shouldn’t be spending this money in the first place.

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