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Sean/Cheney Discuss SOTU

Dick Cheney
Former VP Dick Cheney joined Sean for the full second hour of Wednesday's show by asking the Vice President how he's feeling since his heart transplant. Cheney shared his opinions of last night's State of the Union - particularly his thoughts on the issue of sequester. Cheney felt that the effects a sequester would have on the military and defense would be so extreme that many of the ramifications would be irrevocable. Sean asked the VP what his thoughts were on the recent appointments proposed by the President of Hagel and Brennan. Cheney believes that Brennan is particularly a threat to national security, with his change in testimony last week on enhanced interrogation comparatively to what he had to say about it during his tenure with the Bush administration. Cheney's position is that the people that are surrounding the President are nothing but "yes" men and tell the President exactly what he wants to hear, regardless of what the truth may actually be.

Dr. Ben Carson
Dr. Ben Carson visited the show today, before his hour long special Friday on Sean's TV show to discuss his opinions on the Obama administration and recent comments on taxes, economy and health care at the national prayer breakfast. Carson's comments have sparked a firestorm throughout the media, and many have jumped on the support Ben Carson bandwagon for having the courage to speak out about the troubles facing our nation in front of the President and First Lady. Watch Carson's speech at the prayer breakfast here. As the son of a single mom who would insist on weekly book reports and no television, he was taught respect and a diligence for learning. Additionally, his mother did not believe in welfare or government assistance, and instilled the idea of self reliance and independence as opposed to this Obama mindset of "give me" and "fair share." Carson wrote a book called "America the Beautiful" in which he laid out many ideas that he feels should be at the foundation of our country. Carson expressed his complete frustration with the government. "They keep talking about bringing businesses back to the United States, and want to bring down corporate taxes, so why don't they just do it?" Carson asked. To check out Carson's book, "America the Beautiful", please click here.

Three Liberal Reaction To Marco Rubio
The liberal reaction to Marco Rubio's response is interesting, considering the specter surrounding his Presidential chances in 2016. We have a few different reactions from the Left to Marco Rubio's speech. Name calling - a typical liberal tactic when faced with a well-reasoned, articulate conservative is name- calling. This is exactly the tactic used by Chris Matthews in response to Marco Rubio's address. Matthews described the speech as "tinkertoy" and "juvenile," "primitive,v and "something you would hear on the high school debating team." When a liberal can't debate the issues, they resort to name-calling. Pandering ignorance - after Rubio's speech, Bill Maher went on his Facebook page to ignorantly call Marco Rubio a "shameless liar." He wrote: "Wow, what a shameless liar this Marco Rubio guy is - Obama created more debt than Bush? Well, if you don't believe in science, why not math too?" You and I both know what an ignorant argument this is because we are armed with the facts: Under eight years of George W. Bush, our debt rose an astounding $4.899 trillion; But under four years of Barack Obama, our debt has risen an incredible $5.863 trillion and we still have four years left to go. To read the third liberal reaction to Marco Rubio, click here.