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Friday, March 1st, 2013

Doomsday...or Not.
It is now doomsday and the sequestration goes into effect tonight. President Obama has said this is the end of the world but I think we’re going to make it. We’re going to cut $44 billion dollars and we’re very likely going to spend more money this year than last year but the President doesn’t want to talk about that, he’s clearly overplaying his hands. Wait until you see the open tonight on my show, it’ll be a great one! The truth is that President Obama’s greatest nightmare is if the sequestration cuts don’t hurt the average American and the only way that they will is if he does everything in his power to do that. The President has no intention of governing here, he’s simply trying to win a cheap political point. You can choose your adjective to describe this President; two-faced, deceitful, double-dealing, insincere, phony, hypocritical, they all fit. I honestly believe that this country is in a hypnotic trance bu t sadly I believe this country is as well. The Pew Research Center has a report showing that only 25% of Americans have even followed the sequestration debate. We need to do better. It’s up to us to hold this administration accountable.

Sequestration Now to Blame
March 1st is here. We survived sequestration, which goes into effect today. Does America even care? According to the Daily Caller, despite President Panic's apocalyptic PR parade, sequestration wasn't lighting up the switch boards in Washington. According to a Senate aide for a swing-state Republican, “Less than 10 percent of our calls in February are about the sequester, and the majority favor letting it go through.” It seems as though Americans have tuned out Washington, acknowledging that they can't get serious about our budget. They have many reasons to believe this. The President himself has only submitted a budget on time once since taking office in 2009. Senate Democrats haven't passed a budget in over 1400 days. They can't even come to a compromise on cutting less than 3% of our budget, threatening apocalyptic doom if we do so. Meanwhile, American incomes have dropped the most in 20 years, American wealth has declined 22%, and most Americans saw a tax increase of 2% this year thanks to payroll tax increases. Washington is looking foolish, while Americans are struggling. You could say that “our economic news could have been better” if the American people hadn't failed to remove Obama from office in November. But how do you prove that? You can't. The Republicans cannot allow Obama to define our economic failures by Republicans' position on raising taxes. The fact is that with current laws in place, revenues to the government are projected to climb to above average levels of about 19% of GDP. The issue here is not about raising taxes. The issue is about limiting the size of our government and stop robbing from our children. For more numbers, click here.

GOP Message Discipline
If sequestration has emphasized one thing it is this: Democrats have incredible message discipline, regardless of how ridiculous the message may be. Democrats have been consistent in their message of the damaging effects of the sequester, while Republicans seemed scattered in their response. This is nothing new for the Republicans, and it is much to their detriment. I believe that one of Barack Obama's main roles has become the Destroyer-in-Chief. He is not just out to score political points for the Democrats; He is out to destroy the Republican Party. Beyond the demonizing and demagoguing, Obama and the Democrats have employed the strategy of tossing a bunch of issues into the mix and dividing the Republicans' attention. The Republicans need to recognize this strategy and rise above it. They need to stop playing defense and move to an offensive game, backed by clear, conservative policies. In my opinion, Republicans should remain focused on the following; limited government, balancing the budget, securing our borders and energy independence. Continuing to focus on these policies based on conservative values will do a better job of growing the conservative movement. Take a look at for more on this.