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Hope on the horizon

Hope on the Horizon
If you’re a conservative you’ve had a great week. First, we saw the President’s BS sequestration hoax has fallen apart and we’ve seen Senator Paul hold up the Constitution. This week we even saw Senator Mitch McConnell stand in to help Senator Paul during his excellent filibuster. I’m hopeful that conservatives can gain some momentum because it’s actions like this week’s filibuster that gives me hope. We need bold solutions. We need real leadership, we need adult answers to serious problems and we need hope. What I’m seeing is just that, there’s hope on the horizon.

Rand's Stand: A Turning Point
We are one day removed from Senator Rand Paul's epic filibuster, and the energy among conservatives remains palpable. A headline in the New York Post really says it all: The new GOP generation stands up. Are we witnessing a true shift in the Republican Party? I, like many of you, are disappointed in what I consider misguided criticism from Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham in regards to the issue of drone strikes and Rand Paul's filibuster. As I've already pointed out, McCain took to the floor of the Senate yesterday to call Senator Paul's filibuster a “political stunt” that was not “helpful to the American people.” In an article published yesterday in the Huffington Post, McCain called Senators like Rand Paul “wacko birds.” Here's a little bit from that interview: Is McCain right? Does Rand Paul and others like Ted Cruz represent a “wacko bird” fringe of the GOP that is not reflective of the views of the majority of Republicans? Based on America's reaction to Rand's Stand, McCain may be misreading the desired trajectory of the Republican Party. What has conservatives energized about Rand Paul's filibuster is that they finally feel as though they have someone in Washington who is willing to fight for our Constitution. At the end of the day, Rand Paul's question about the use of drone strikes was a simple Constitutional matter; It was a no-brainer, which should not have been difficult for this administration to answer. With all due respect to John McCain and Lindsey Graham, they'd do their country a service by embracing the young stars of the GOP – Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee – instead of fighting them. For more, check out

Jobs Numbers: The Truth
Today we received the latest jobs figures from the Department of Labor. On the surface, it seems as though our economy is on the right track with the unemployment rate dropping to 7.7% and 236,000 jobs added in February. But that isn't really the whole story, is it? According to CNSNews, the number of Americans designated as "not in the labor force" in February was 89,304,000, a record high, up from 89,008,000 in January, according to the Department of Labor. This means that the number of Americans not in the labor force increased 296,000 between January and February. I doubt that many in the lapdog Obama-mania media will report these figures, but they paint a more accurate picture of what is really going on in America. Americans are still struggling, especially after enduring the biggest decline in personal income in 20 years. For more on the jobs numbers, click here.

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Rand Paul

Randal Howard "Rand" Paul (born January 7, 1963) is an American ophthalmologist and politician who describes himself as a "constitutional conservative". He is the third child of Republican Congressman Ron Paul of Texas. Paul is the chairman and founder of Kentucky Taxpayers United. In August 2009, Paul officially announced his candidacy for the United States Senate seat held by retiring Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky. Paul, a lifelong Republican, won the party's primary election on May 18, 2010. He then defeated Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway in the general election on November 2, 2010.