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Roe vs. Wade all over again

Roe vs. Wade Again!
In 2008, California’s Proposition 8 banned the practice of same-sex marriage. Now, opponents of this proposition have brought this case to the United States Supreme Court in an effort to force all fifty states to allow for same-sex marriage. Today, a majority of Americans might support same-sex marriage but if you look at the list of priorities it doesn’t even get 1% of their attention. For the Supreme Court to come in and force all fifty states to allow same-sex marriage with the stroke of a pen would be a disruption of the democratic process. What that would do is the same thing that Roe vs. Wade would do, namely create a permanent culture war. Roe vs. Wade was bad law plainly created by the judicial system. This is a state’s rights issue and many states have already acted to allow for same-sex marriage but there is no place for policies to be decided in the courts, this is a legislative responsibility and, as such, should live in the state legislatur es. To follow this developing story, check out Fox
Let Them Eat Cake!
The extravagance of the Obama's lifestyle as millions of Americans are struggling under his failed recovery is tone deaf, to say the least. President Obama and his family have gone on one vacation a month! It also doesn't help that we are learning about extravagant trips on the part of the Vice President, spending $585,000 for one night in a Paris hotel. Then we learn that the price tag jumps if you include the $321,665 he paid for limo service while in Paris. Just unbelievable. Now yes, I understand that these costs include the traveling entourage and the extremely important security detail for the President, his family and the Vice President, but why the need for all these trips to begin with? All presidents deserve a vacation, but this is getting a bit absurd, especially considering the spectacle of the White House being closed due to budget cuts. For more absurdity, visit

Cyprus Seizure to Spread?
The shock waves are still rippling from the bailout of Cyprus and the seizure of high income bank accounts to the tune of 40%. The fear is that idea of simply taking money out of bank accounts in order to shore up banks will become a common-place practice, which undermines peoples' trust and creates panic. That fear is already threatening to become a reality as asenior EuroZone official has already announced that savings accounts in Spain, Italy and other European countries could succumb to the same fate as those in Cyprus. Can it happen here? The opinions range from “absolutely not” to “it already is.” Thomas Sowell argues that our government is already engaged in an effort to slowly and steadily steal our wealth by simply printing more money – something which Cyprus cannot do. Although the numbers in your bank book may remain the same, part of the purchasing power of your money is transferred to the government. Is that really different from what Cyprus has done?” Something to think about. For more from Sowell, click here.