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Obama Moves To 'Shame' Congress Into Approving Gun Control Law

Obama Moves To 'Shame' Congress Into Gun Control Law
President Obama moved Thursday to put the muscle of the White House and his network of supporters behind a gun control package tracking toward the Senate floor, calling on voters to pressure Congress into backing it as the proposal runs into resistance on Capitol Hill. Congress is gone for their Easter recess, but when they return they will take up the issue of gun control. That hasn't stopped others from continuing the "debate". Jim Carrey is one of the many Hollywood elitists who has voiced opinions on gun control, albeit not particularly eloquently. Last month, Carrey caught flak for sending a Tweet reading: "[Anyone] who would run out to buy an assault rifle after the Newtown massacre has very little left in their body or soul worth protecting." A Twitter battle has ensued, as Carrey refused to back down. The Twitchy staff has the latest. Meanwhile some are calling Carrey hypocritical, calling on him to denounce his armed bodyguards or use of guns in his various movies. Jim Carrey is just one of the many Hollywood elites who wants to dictate to us hard-working Americans how to live our lives, while failing to follow through in their own lives. For more on this story please click here.

Hollywood's Tribute To The Weather Underground
Hollywood's tribute to the Weather Underground is set for limited release in the U.S. next Friday. Left-wing actors like Robert Redford, Susan Sarandon and other star in the movie called "The Company You Keep." This is a film that effectively romanticizes this domestic terror group. Keep in mind that this radical organization was, of course, founded by President Obama's old pal, Bill Ayers. In 1970, the group planted a pipe bomb at the San Francisco Police Department, one person was killed. Also that year the NYPD was targeted with dynamite and seven injured that case. Then three Weathermen were killed while trying to assembly IEDs in New York City. In 1971 and '72, both the U.S. capitol and the Pentagon were hit, and 1981, two police officers and one Brinks guard were killed during an armed robbery orchestrated by Underground members. Sadly this is what Hollywood is choosing to celebrate? But I expect nothing else from people like Redford, Susan Sar andon and others. Sean was joined by Michele Malkin who shared her reaction to this story. To watch the entire interview please click here.

Troops Direct
Aaron Negherbon, who joined guest host Deneen Borelli in the show's second hour, has had an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong sense of patriotism running through his veins since childhood. This spirit blossomed in 2010 when Negherbon formed TroopsDirect. It started with a simple care package to a longtime friend, fellow USC Trojan and Marines Corps Captain deployed to Afghanistan. His friend's email of thanks not only expressed his gratitude but also that he shared the contents of the package with other Marines under his command. It was then that Aaron realized that there were thousands of service members on the front lines who would benefit from an ongoing supply of hygiene products, nutrition, medical supplies and gear; essential staples that would keep Americans healthy, sharp and motivated. Aaron's quest began with the goal of giving them everything he could possibly muster. He would ship to entire companies and battalions in bulk, supporting upwards of 1000 service members in a single shipment. To learn more about TroopsDirect and how you can help please click here.