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The Passing of the Iron Lady

The Iron Lady's Passing
The world has suffered a tremendous loss with the passing of former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. She suffered a stroke at the age of 87. She was a champion for freedom, unwavering in her convictions. There was a reason she was called the Iron Lady. She recognized the dangers and pitfalls of communism and socialism, and she wasn't afraid to publicly acknowledge them. It was Thatcher who famously said: "Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They always run out of other people's money." It's amazing how that quote from 1976 continues to ring true to this day. Her relationship with former president Ronald Reagan, along with Pope John Paul II, truly changed the nature of the world for the better. Together they stared down evil in the form of communism, and they were victorious. It shows you the power of conviction and it shows you the power of principled conservatism. For more on the passing of the Iron Lady, please click here.

Obama Budget Work
This week we are expected to (finally) receive Barack Obama's budget proposal for 2014. Two months past the deadline - after countless vacations and golf games, another just this weekend - we will finally see the president's vision for our country's future. You can tell a lot by a budget, including your priorities and your convictions. The main sticking point about Obama's budget is that is calls for more tax increases. His insistence on tax increases shows that he seeks to punish the producers and does not understand the impact on taxes on an economy. The tax increases he is proposing will not, I repeat, will not shrink the size of our government and they will not lead to a balanced budget. Ever. They are in place in order to subsidize the growth of government. There are a few things about this that we need to talk about: The budget itself, the Republican reaction and Obama's liberal policies in the context on today's focus on conservatism after the passing of former PM Margaret Thatcher. Click here to read.

The Business of Food Stamps
We've seen how nation's capitol and the surrounding suburbs have become a new American boomtown with government contractors, lobbyists and all those connected with all aspects of politics, making the region almost immune to our country's financial woes. The food stamp program is only one of a huge number of antipoverty programs offered by the federal government. The current tally, 126. The current cost? Over a trillion dollars a year. But what if Washington's most vested interests in the country's biggest corporations are profiting from the explosive growth of these programs designed for the poor? Welfare in America is supposed to be a safety net for those in need, but instead, it's become an insider's game of power and profit. Sean and Peter Schweizer from the Government Accountability Institute discovered that food stamps are not just a program, it's an industry. The tentacles of this industry extend to Wall Street and Madison Avenue and includes some of the largest corporations in America. It's an industry that has lobbyists, advertisements and promotions and an increasing market share. To see what Sean uncovered please click here.