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Obama's Budget...Finally

Obama Budget (Finally) Revealed
Well here we are. Today is the day that we finally received the Anointed One's budget. Deadlines don't seem to matter too much to this president, who is too busy playing golf with Tiger Woods, vacationing around the country and palling around with celebrities and rock stars. But his budget is finally out, so take a look at for my full breakdown.

Here's the bottom line: He delayed his proposal by two months, for this?? This is a rehash of Obama's failed policies, with a few minor bones thrown the Republicans' way. Yet he tried to paint himself as the one who is sacrificing and compromising. What it comes down to is the fact that Barack Obama has an irrational desire to raise taxes. I've pointed out many times on this website and on the program that there is no amount of tax that Obama could impose that could pay for his levels of government spending. It's impossible. What we need is for our economy to grow, and punitive tax increases are the opposite way to do that.

Outrageous Statement of the Day: Melissa Harris-Perry
Melissa Harris-Perry of NBC's so-called news network has endured much criticism, and rightly so, for her recent public service announcement where she said that our kids do not belong to us. She derided the concept of the “private idea that kids belong to their parents” and instead advocated for a collective idea that kids belong to the community, aka. the government. I go on at some length here but suffice it to say Ms. Harris-Perry's liberal ideology certainly earned her the outrageous statement of the day...perhaps the month!